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Truly glad to hear you say that Ableman! I have yet to get mine and I'm still upset that they shorted me on the 12" unit. But if your happy with yours than maybe mine will be all I need too.
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Mine (12 inch model) came on Thursday. I haven't used it yet but it sure looks nice and I am sure it will do all that I want! Thanks for posting about it what a deal!!

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Cracked Plastic Tray Guard

Sorry the picture took so long. For some reason I saved it as a .Pdf file, and had a hard time posting it. The crack can be seen very clearly at the bottom right hand side of the photograph. I think that maybe during the product control testing these guards were attached to the unit, and somehow the crack was formed. The two screws that came with my slicer to attach the guard were not taped, or in a bag with the slicer. Hope this helps.

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Yeah when I ordered my slicer. I was told I ma be able to buy other brand blades, and have to tweak the replacement blade to make it fit. No brand was given to me.
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Thinkin I will go ahead, and buy one of the blades from them while they still have them just in case I ever need a replacement.
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How much are the blades JBee? I would think it would take a long time before I would wear out the blade as much as I will probably use it. But I guess you never know!

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Mark I believe the blades are you ready for this 79.98 almost as much as the slicer and the part number for it is 39-1250 and the reason I know isI asked about one also.
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I was also wondering about the blade. I asked them when I ordered my 12. they told me that the blade will last a long time with house hold use. But I guess it is not a bad idea to get a spare. wonder if they can be found on e-bay?
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I bet that blade goes 20 years. It's decent stainless and quite thick.
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i have used this slicer quite a bit already i plan on using it a couple of times a week anyhow i did not buy a replacement blade for one reason. if this slicer lasts as long as the blade will (even with alot of use) probably 10+ years that i will gladly buy a different slicer or make a blade to work for this unit. the blade is probably the highest quality piece on this unit. it is pretty thick and chrome plated. i did to inquire about a blade when ordering mine and it wasnt for me the question of do i order a spare blade it was do i order another slicer.79.99 for blade or 99.99 for the whole shootin match. so i decided that if this slicer worked good that i would buy another one and put it on ice in case the first one went out. but before mine shipped they were out of 12 inch units. although if i could have ordered a second after using this one i would have for sure. this unit cuts as good as i need and then some.
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Finally got a chance to break out my Weston 10" slicer. I barrelled thru about 14 lbs of corned beef. It rocked. Cleanup was a Bit%#. Anyone come up with any easier ways to clean it?

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YEP! I agree getting the meat out of "the ditch" below the blade was a ***** until I broke out my #2 phillips and pulled the three screw holding the blade on. With the food tray and blade removed its a snap, or at least a whole bunch easier to clean. The blade is easy to remove too. However:

BE VERY CAREFUL REMOVING AND HANDLING THE DAMN BLADE! I told my not so attentive wife, "Look here in the dishwasher honey, you see this razor sharp round thing? Don't touch it or it will cut the hell out of you!" I then put a BIG SIGN on the dishwasher saying "DANGER WICKEDLY SHARP SLICER BLADE IN DISHWASHER!" I even added a skull and crossbones AND wrote it all again in SPANISH just to make sure.

This is a woman who once poured a bottle of "heads" from the first run on a gin still into my serving decanter even though the bottle had both a red skull and crossbones and the words POISON in big letters on the label. She said she though it was some kind of a joke! My buddy and I were trying to figure out why the G&T we were trying tasted so strange (and bad). The next day was the worst hangover either of us ever had.

Well the day after I put the slicer blade in the dishwasher while I was apologizing and putting the band-aids on her fingers I told myself I will never put that thing in the dishwasher with out running it and reinstalling it myself, AND I will barricade the kitchen door until it is accomplished.
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Great idea Jim. I was in a hurry and we had people coming over. I will definitly remove the blade next time. It's funny you should mention that about your wife because in Feb I picked up a new set of knives and what do you know she cut the top of her thumb off the first time she used them (not as bad as it sounds). She has not used them again to this day. Thanks again for the info!
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I'll put it this way, I've used my 12 inch unit to blast away at a ton of corned beef, pastrami, ham and works awsome and clean up is a breeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzeeeeee comparied to my other units, as I mentioned before and was so in this thread the key is to remove the blade.....not that difficult to do and just do it "sober"...DUH......... I used mine to slice up a ton of ham and bacon tonight and broke it down, cleaned and sanitized it in less then 15 minutes........ yes you need a phillips screwdriver, but hey we all should have one of those afterall....... three screws and that blade is off......... did I mention this slicer is the EASIEST to clean I've ever had??????? and I still have 2 other slicers........still........really......don't use them anymore.......but I'm a packrat I guess......
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Howdy Smoked, I just used my slicer again the other day to slice a 10# slab of home made bacon, it worked perfectly and like you, I removed the blade and put it in the dishwasher. I too have two other slicers, the only reason that I am keeping them is to give to my sons. In my opinion, this is a wonderful machine, I am certainly glad someone found this great buy for everyone. smile.gif
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Thanks everyone for the help. Removed the blade (while sober of course) and put in the dishwasher and it made cleaning out the ditch a breeze. Can't wait to try something new. Bigarm the bacon looks awsome. THANX AGAIN!
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awsome, I didn't do that much bacon myself, but now am thinking I need to fire up the smoker again.......nothing like a good applewood smoked bacon for breakfast!!!!!
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