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Welcome to ALL

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I have not been able to make the forum the last few days due to my wife slipping on the ice and fracturing 4 vertibra in her back, so I would like to welcome all the new people this week and sorry I could did not welcome each one individually!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to all new people !!!!!!!!!! May you enjoy this wonderful site we have to share and your smoke run thin blue and true!!!!!!!!!
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SMP....Really sad to hear about your wife, hope all is turning around for you guys for the better!
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Jeeez... best wishes for a quick recovery. That's a tough injury.
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Geez that sucks, tell her to take it easy, the wife has had some work done in her back as well, takes time, but it is amazing the things they do todya! Good luck to both of you.
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Thanks for the well wishes!!!!!!! Most likely it will just be a matter of time for healing according to the spe******t , do to the fact they are only fractured and not broken free. Most of all we are hoping for NO surgery which is what he believes. He said bedrest for 4 weeks!!!!!

Thanks Again,
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