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Good lookin grub! Keep us posted on the plate mods!
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Temp guage

Meat looks GOOOOD! Anything looks good considering I am looking out my NY window at 7 inches of snow and falling....

What is the smoker temp. guage housed in?? Block ....
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Plate Mods....

Is there pic of your 3rd attempt? I assume the grids with the square holes are the 2nd and the round holes the first? I wonder if on your 3rd attempt if your plates were thicker on the hotter end, it would help you even it out? What differences did you observe with these different attempts?

On my recent "Baby" mods in the "Lang 60 Mods" thread, I struggled with the idea making holes or not in the 1/4'' solid plate all the way across because the ramping speed (up and down) was slower than typical because it is solid steel, but the benefits of a griddle and water pan plus its warming characteristics seem to have outweighed the need for higher heat. As solid steel, it does have a pretty even temp. given the vent holes are in the middle.

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steve, my 3rd attemp is just straight 1/8 inch thick steel spaced apart from each other, much like you see on other cookers. My first attemp was used with out a charcoal basket, and worked real well, then I got the stock for the 2nd attemp from a friend and tried to make it better, and it seemed about the same, but a bit hotter at the box end, but then when I introduced the basket, it got real hot at the box end so I had to tone it down some without losing my stack end heat. Now I have a new baffle/deflector I made, and I am all confused now!

Tell You what, the temp probe is in a block of wood instead of a spud, seems to work better. I am gonna fashion a new device soon, one to fit in the charbroil and also work in the Lang 60 I am picking up next weekend. I have to fix a broken handle on my firebox tomorrow, and I think I will drill a few 3/8 inch holes in the first plate near the box and see how she works. The test will be performed on a 13 lb ribeye on sunday!
I'll try to post pics of the mod and the beef!
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Wood instead of spud?

Wood instead of spud? let me know what this new device is, because its meat and potatoes for me, and I HATE to waste a spud!!!

I wish I was there for your Ribeye, and it would be cool to ride to PA with ya Dan, I can't wait to see the pics for it all:-)
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here is a cose-up of the wood block with a 3/16 hole drill through the chunk, probe fits right thru it!

The next version with have a set of notches at the bottom, so I can set the block down, and twist the space between the grate rods will hold it in place, and another block to do the same with the expanded metal racks on the Lang.
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Seems Pretty Simple,

Seems pretty simple, i'll give it a try!
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