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Gas usage?

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I was just wondering how much fuel you use or how many cooks can you get from a tank?
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Tough to call. Too many varibles, smoker insulation, outside temps, cooking temps, amount of meat, etc. Keep a log on your smokes..always a good idea, for this and rubs, recipes, etc. I believe there is a log sheet on here for that... look in the box on the left of the main page.
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I usually get over 6 smokes on a tank. I also have a gauge on the tank that shows how much I have. There is always a spare tank handy, not good to run out in the middle.
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SPARE TANK!! I thought I got about 5 smokes per tank, but I always have a spare!
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What Richtee said. Too many variables, but everyone is right about a spare tank. I'm having problems saving this qucik reply... I went to advanced and I was able to save the reply from that screen.
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