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Smoking Books

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Can anybody suggest any Recipe Books or Smoking Books at all? Usually when I start "getting-into" something, I like to read about it.
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Not sure how tasty the pages will be after a good smoke.

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FIGJAM, I have to ask. Who is that woman?
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Peace, Love, & Barbeque by Mike Mills! Excellent book with lots of good stories, pictures and recipes. He has a rub in there called "Magic Dust" that is terrific and it's the recipe I use. And trust me...I hate to read books but this is a good one.
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Smoke & Spice by Cheryl Alters Jamison & Bill Jamison is very good.
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Her name is Kelly Brook. She is a British model. Do a google image search on her and you will not be disappointed.
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to tell you the truth...........i have never read a bbq book.........just screwed around with smoking, till i found this site..........to me, with this site avaliable, i don't need a book........i just come here and either ask, or do a search
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The one posted earlier up there.... Peace, Love, and BBQ is good and also check out the BBQ Bible.... that one is also good....
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I'll second the magic dust. peace love and bbq
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Mastering Barbeque (Stines)
Backyard BBQ (McPeake)
Where there's Smoke theres Flavor (Langer)

All excellent imo
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Championship BBQ Secrets for Real Smoked Food This one is my favorites. It has the simple recipies and you can add your own magic to and go from there. It also has some serious recipies if you want to get crazy. Hope this helps.

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I second the recommendation on the BBQ Bible by Steven Raichlen. It was given to me as a b-day gift shortly after smoking my first set of ribs (with Jeff's naked rib rub, of course!).

What I like about the book is that it provides quick-read, short, tutorials about a particular spice you may use (i.e. mustard).

Overall, this site is great for everything and anything but if you must have a book, my $ is on the BBQ Bible IMHO.
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A pretty good book is "Jack Sleight and Raymond Hull's - HOME BOOK of SMOKE-COOKING Meat, Fish & Game" ..................Lots of good info and recipes.........
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Thanks all. Now I just have to decide where to start.
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BBQ Bible by Steven Raichlen while being a great book and a useful part of my library I do not classify it as a smoking book. To me it focuses more on the grill. The recipes in it are great and I also recommend his other books especially sauces, rubs and marinades.

IF you are looking for a book more on smoking I would recommend getting a different book to start then getting this one second.

Just my opinion...
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I have thumbed thru that book, Vlap- and agree with ya there.

BTW, On Food and Cooking is going well. I can see why it's used as a textbook tho... heh!
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On Food and Cooking is as dry and boring as it is informative. And it is very informative! Can't remember...does he talk of smoke and its effects on food?
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There's a couple small bits on it, mainly stressing the preservation characteristics for jerky, and slow cooking with wood and coals being "barbeque". Mentions vinegar sauces, smoke rings, etc. Nothing really to learn from, just basic info.
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I have to agree with Walking Dude, SMF is my book. The plus side of this is, lets see you ask the book a question if you're not clear on something. Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking books, but I like this site a lot better. A book is just a book, but here it's more personal. Damn I like you guy's a gal's. I really don't think I would have learned all that I have by reading a book. I guess I'm more of a hands on kind of a guy.
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That is true the BBQ Bible is more for grillin'.... but some of those recipes have been great on the smoker!!
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