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Very nice!

Wow! Talk about depth on those racks!

On the 5th and 6th picture down, can you explain those just a bit? The 6th one, the firebox rack, there is some angle iron under the rack, is that a slide guide or something?

Really nice, can't wait till its loaded up for us!!!

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Steve, pic 5 is one of the two inlets from the firebox, he extends the pipe once it enters the cooking chamber with the bottom half of the pipe cut off to more evenly distribute the heat.
Pic 6, the angle iron uner the wood rack is a propane log starter you can see the inlet for gas on pic 2 at the bottom of the fire box

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OK, I get it:-)

OK, I get it:-) Thanks.

You are gonna love that log lighter, it's the only way to go. Really saves start up time. I bet you can even use it with some small pieces of hardwood for low temp smokes like cheese or jerky.

Really cool to see something different like yours. I really wish there was dealers up here in Maine for all types of Smokers. Would be real nice to kick the tires, and open and close stuff, learn about different designs and options out there.

Nice set up you got there:-)

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Congrats on the new 70! And more than likely my next purchase....Is the divider between the two doors hinged?
Let us know what you think of her.
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Mine isn't, but he will work with you and do pretty much what ever you want. He was great to work with.

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Nice rig. I bet you feel pretty special getting to use that thing most of the year! Thats what I would call a "perk"!

Can't wait to see the first big load in it!
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I din't read all of your posts, but did you work directly w/ Travis? I have spoken w/ him and he seams like a nice guy....
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yup, started off contacted some guy out of Alabama that sells for him and when he found out where I was located he gave me Travis's (? doesn't look right?) # and that they were manufactred 3 hrs from where I live.
Travis was great to work with, any questions I would just call him and he would answer. I was going to be in San Angelo over the weekend and he had it waiting for me after our golf tourny, just picked it up and headed north.

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Today was like torture, getting to smell the hickory and a little TBS (check out that TBS), knowing there would be no reward @ the end of the day.
Here are a few pics of the DPP on her seasoning smoke.

Sprayed her down with Pam, started w/ 2 splits on propane log starter, took it up to 300* with 5 splits for 2 hours and maintained 250* for 4 hours @ 1 split per hour.
Temps were easy to adjust with bottom set intake and duel stacks, can't wait for first cook.
What a way to spend a monday @ work.

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What--At work?

What--At work? You lucky dog!!! pardon the pun, if you will accept my request for a pardon, Sir. I mean Please SIR!!!
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cool rig. maybe you need to have a smf get together.
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That is a great looking rig and I love seeing it towed behind that vehicle.

I am the Southwest Diamond Plate Distributor and I personally have been cooking on and using these units for over 3 years and I love them. I have cooked on all the different models and love them all. Very versitile and they hold temps great.

You will love using your 70 series. Keep posting pics, especially once you get it all loaded down with food.

I just organized a competition here in AZ with 15 competitors and 8 of them were using Diamond Plate smokers, that's how popular they are out here.
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