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Smoking in a Blizzard

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Well, darn near a blizzard. Temp is -1 with a windchill of -26 degrees and what am I doing? I have my Smoke Vault fired up and I am smoking a load of meat. A brisket, some spare ribs and I threw in some brauts on the top rack just because I had the room to do it. They make a good snack while the rest of the stuff is going. My wife is looking at me like I am crazy. Oh, yeah...the wind is gusting to 50mph too. It is whipping that smoke all over the neighborhood!
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You are!

I cancelled my smoke for today!PDT_Armataz_01_16.gif
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We got no snow over here, but it's gale winds at 2°. Sheesh.

Good man, PC!
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Policecom, we are at -4 and -40 windchills here. I smoked in simial weather as you the other week, HAVE FUN hope you have a good wind block and ps don't freeze lol
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I promised my wife I would come inside when I can't feel my fingers and toes icon_smile.gif
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Richtee, we got about 4 inches last night, and we have 1-2 ft drifts in my yard. Usually I can just walk out to the shack in my house clothes, but with the temps and wind today, its deffinately a coat and shoes day.PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Oh this is really good! The meats been on about an hour so I figured I would go out and take a look at how things are going...My meat thermometer is so cold the display doesn't work
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Hell is froze over folks but got my summer sausage on the GOSM at 9:30am. Holding a steady 180o in 3o windy weather. Just went out and rotated the sausages. Geeze, that was unpleasant!
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LOL...I have had that happen. Just leave the probe in and bring the unit inside with ya. Let it sit awhile by a heat vent..it's gonna have a little condensation in it you gotta let escape.
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It's 9 below right now, we live in a low spot and the wind is blowing 25 MPH! Not fit for man nor beast! Glad I did my cooking yesterday!
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What quarter of GR you in? I am in NW by the cemetary's on Walker. Just curious if thats you I smell on occasion, LOL!
You gotta be a die hard though, I am dreading a ride to the store let alone tending a smoker. Hope it turns out for ya!
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I'm on the NE side of GR. Wind is picking up but my temp is holding steady at 225! icon_smile.gif
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ya gotta love them smoke vaults!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Impressive. I just went to the store for anti-freeze and darn near froze before I could drink some LOL Wings at 3:30, boiled dinner cooking and my Bud James B. Beam, Brrr... just heard a wind chill of -30°. About 10 min. to frostbite. Careful!
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Go WINGS!!!PDT_Armataz_01_40.gif
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We're at 45 degrees and sunny today! Sorry, I couldn't resist. I used to live in Remus just NE of you guys. Don't miss it a bit biggrin.gif Keith
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It's -5 here, not sure about the windchill.... But the wind has been blowing good the last few days......... Not alot of snow yet. but they keep calling for it....... I am keeping my *** in today.........
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14 degress today but about -10 with windchill..gonna grill some ribs in heated garage for cookin--damn cold to cook out.......PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Went to Ferris. Spent a week in Remus one night...
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you're a bigger man then me , my friend, and if you ever saw me you'd know that's a trick icon_mrgreen.gif
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