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food poisoning ?

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abelman has alerted me to the poss. of food poisoning due to using stuffing in my first whole chicken smoke, cause the stuffing will not be done before the bird. The stuffing WAS pre - cooked before going in the chicken , but it was going into a raw chicken , so I am concerned
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How far along are you on your bird? if you just started just pull the bird unstuff the bird the best you can and put the bird back on to finish. I read the other post so I know your girl did the stuffing so expain it to her gentle that you had to toss her stuffing. Unless you meant girl as in Daughter instead of girl as in girlfriend..
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2 hrs in. thickest part of breast at 130 now, and like I said , stuffing was cooked
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can I just let the bird go the distance and cook the stuffing a bit more after it outa the smoker ?
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Oh it's probably to late to post this now. Been almost three hours since your last post and I don't know what hospital your in. No I would not smoke any stuffed poultry. The temps to low. Heck they warn people about stuffed birds cooked in a conventional oven. The stuffing tastes just as good cooked in a foil pan, just add some juices from the bird when done.
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Ok , dumb question coming, but thats how I will learn.When we say that the temps. are to low smoking a stuffed bird , are we talking the temp of the bird ? if it DOES get to 170 am I o.k. ?its at 150 and change right now
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I never stuff birds period!! stuffing is great in a pan or oven-you will be takeing chanches eating your dinner tonite(don't)
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NO, the temp of the stuffing inside the bird. It takes to long for the stuffing to hit the target temp and therfore become inoculated with deadly bacterium. If you do bring the temp up in the stuffing the chances are slim but the consequences could be grim. And the bird will be toast........... Just DON'T DO THAT ANYMORE.
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Poultry needs to come to temp alot quicker than pork or beef. The birds harbor alot more nasty lil germs. Ever seen how they are processed!icon_lol.gif
The stuffing slows down the process to get them to temp quicker, cuz the heat cannot get to the middle of the bird(cavity). It is just a sponge of bacteria, so to speak.

Hope everything turns out OK!
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thanks for the warnings all. not sure what to do now. the birds are at 160 and the reading I got from the stuffing is 150. it got to 140 in about 3 hrs , so I thought I got past the between 40 - 140 danger zone. Shall I junk em ? foil them and crank the heat ? pull em and de- stuff ? then back in ? thanks again for everyones help . lessons learned .
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I got food poisoning just before Christmas from chicken (nothing I cooked). I have no desire to go through that again. And I wouldn't wish it on anyone one else. So I would strongly recommend that you play it safe and count it as a learning experience.

I know it's tough to throw out meat that is paid for and looking so good coming out of the smoker. But your family or guests getting sick isn't worth the risk.
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