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Help on pork tenderloin

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I have never smoked a pork loin but my dad called to find out how. Here is what I told him:

Smoke on rack until internal temp reaches 160º. Spray with apple juice after first hour. Then, pull and wrap in aluminum foil until internal temp is 190º. Pull, rest, and serve.

Is this correct? I need to know as he has had it on now since 1:45 pm today.

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most people on this site do not pull loins ,they slice them.You pull a shoulder/pork butt. this is cause the fat content in the butt is higher and the fat rendering into the meat makes for an easy pull.and tasty.but I myself have pulled loins,cause I HATE fat !But I have learned from this site and a little trial and error that a butt done properly will render most of the fat.
the pulled loins tend to be a bit dry.the temps and times are o.k. for slicing i would say, but pulling I take to 200 internaly.but going from what i have learned here , butts for pulling and loins for slicing.someone here with more experience will prob. be along with better info. happy smokin !
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FYI a tenderloin is different than a pork loin. People generally get those two confused. I dont know if you knew that or not.
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Correct on the loin/tenderloin difference. I usually never smoke a tenderloin. Short time on the grill is fine. The loin goes on the smoker, maybe wrapped in bacon. Either of them come off at 150 to 155º internal.
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