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Remote Thermometer Questions

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For all of you remote users; Are these units generally line of sight and is there a distance limit? My smoker usually resides on our old patio slab which is on the west side of my kitchen. My kitchen counter is probaly no more than 10 ft. from the unit but there are no windows on that wall. In other words will they read through a wall at that distance?
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Oughter. PDT_Armataz_01_21.gif
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I took a Texas extension class. ;{)
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They should work.... Mine has a 100 ft range. I sit on the computer on the other side of the house from my smoker out back. Its about 50 ft apart.

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Just a side note about radio frequency signals. While any obstruction will absorb some of the signal and reduce range to an extent, anything with water in it will reduce it even more so; like wooden walls. Glass, however, even though it is more dense than wood, will not reduce the signal significantly.....or I could be totally full of slop.
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Anything significantly "grounded" as far as the RF signal is concerned. Metal lathe in walls. Damp wood touching earth. Glass is an insulator and passes RF quite well.
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Thanks everyone. I think I see an ET-73 in my future.
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I am in the frontyard (house in between) and have had no problems in office (inside & 4 walls from smoker) without problems.
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