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better thermometer

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Looking to upgrade from the old " open and check " type of thermometer . want digital that can be read outside of smoker. I've seen the taylor and the maverick mentioned here. Anybody with a little trial & error suggestions. ?
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I use the MAVRICK ET it dose great
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ET-73 here also I've had the same batteries in it for over a year. Gets left out in the weather and keeps on ticking.
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Stay away from the Weber therms. I think they are made by Oregon Scientific. I have 2 of them and they are junk. Replaced both of them once and they work for a while then quit. I replaced them with 3 Charmglow's I got at Home Depot and I love them. I have had one of them for about 6 months now and no problems...

Oh, and welcome to SMF...
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Accu-rite for about $15 most grocery stores. Works great. Have two of them, plus a Thermo-pen
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ET-73 one for christmas and i LOVE it

plus its i can check temps IN the house.....thats nice when smoking in the winter time

it also has high and low alarms........for when the smoker gets too hot, or the fire dies out........

it has two for the smoker, and one for the meat........

the alarms are GREAT, when doing a all-nite smoke, like smoking a brisket....those normally run 16 hours, so with the alarms......i don't have to baby sit the smoker........i can catch a few winks, and when the fire starts to go out, the alarm will go off, and i can climb outta bed, and tend to the fire.........
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I use the AccuRite thermometers that Lowes sells. Seems that prices range from $10 - $20 depending on where you are located. I've got 3 of them now and really like them. Here are a couple links to my reports on these units.

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thanks W.D, I think you sold me ! wadda they run ? oh , I can look it up. Thanks all for your help !
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i have a et-73 i love it it worked suprisingly at outside temps of -15 i have used for hours upon hours and have never had to change the batteries. highly recomend spending a few extra bucks on the et-73 it is worth every penny.
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