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New member from NC

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Trent here in NC. I have been smoking on the Walmart special: 3405BGW
I have been smoking on it for about 1 1/2 years and cook whole pigs on rental cookers from time to time. I smoke mostly briskets and butts. I would like to find a tri-tip around here, but the meat counters say "huh, what's that?"

I am a computer and electronics nerd. My favorite beer is "an open one".

In my area, keeping temps down to 225 degrees is sometimes tough and I ran across this site researching temperature control of smokers.

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Welcome to the SMF, Trent. Glad to have to aboard.
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Welcome to SMF !!!
I am sure there will be a GOSM owner along shortly to give you ideas for a temperature controller.
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Welcome, The guys and gals here are full of good info. I have really enjoyed their help and Im sure you will too.
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Welcome Trent. You will find all the info and helpfull people here you will ever need. What part of NC are you from? I visited Mooresville two years ago and loved it. I have had the idea of relocating there rolling around in my head since then. Especially when it's 20 belo zero here.
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welcome to the SMF.
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Welcome aboard man. We need a few more north Carolinians on here to show em how it's done (ok, I'm still learnin every day)

What part of NC are you in?
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Welcome to the boards from an ex-North Carolinian.
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Welcome to the SMF Trent!!
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Trent welcome to smf.
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welcome from the other side of the country-glad to have ya Trent
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Welcome to the site.....

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Thanks for all the replies! For those who asked, I'm in Raleigh.
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WElcome to the site Trent! Look forward to seeing some q-view..
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Welcome Trent,
I am new too be this has been a great site for information and fellowship!
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Welcome to the SMF. lots of friendly helpful folks here. Ask any question some one will have an answer
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Welcome to the SMF!!!
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