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need rib help

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Well with my mother's BDay coming up and her loving ribs i figure I'll make her dinner. But i have never done ribs and need some help. She likes to do her ribs inthe oven with Open Pit or Sweet Baby Rays on them so I need some assistance here with how to make some great ribs for a wonderful woman???
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You gonna bake them then? If yer smoking them, use the 3-2-1 method, or a modification thereof for babys. Look to the left side of the main page for the info.
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Do a search on 3-2-1 and follow that method. It works surprisingly well!

In a nutshell its 3 hours unwrapped, 2 hours wrapped, then 1 hour unwrapped for a littel bark. Spritzing as needed. Smoker temp to average 225. Don't forget to rub the day before with Jeff's naked rib rub(highly recommended).
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