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My 1st Pork Butt's Progress.

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Well, currently I'm at 179°F. Here is a picture of my pork butt that I took when it was @160°-165°F, just before I wrapped it up. So far all is going well, although I don't think that I'm going to bed any time soon.icon_rolleyes.gif
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Man, that's a good lookin' butt!PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif
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I've been at it all day, in the same boat. Posted my progress in the Messages for All Guests and Members page. I'm at 192 deg now. Maybe bed soon?
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I bet it ain't just me but seeing pics like that the Q smell kicks in-boy that smells good!looking good.
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Did 4 last weekend. 19 hours for 2 of them to reach 205º and 27 hours for the larger 2 butts. I have smoked quite a few butts but these were the longest so far. I suggest switching to the oven when they are wrapped at 160º and I use an alarm to let me know when they hit 160º, then you can get some well deserved shut eye.
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It's 1:50 & I just finished cleaning up after pulling the butt apart. I'm getting together with my mother-in-law (who got me the smoker for Christmas) tomorrow. The only thing that I have left to do will be to make the homemade BBQ sauce. (That can wait until tomorrow.) Personally, I think that the finishing sauce that I got from Jeff will do just fine, but I want to give people the option of "saucing it up".

Good night all!
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Good lookin' butt!!
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I highly recommend the starnes bbq sauce that you can find by searching this site. Everyone who eats here prefers that on their pulled pork. Another tip is to get/make some cole slaw. So good... Let us know how it turns out!
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Nice looking bark. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Well, my Boston Butt went over so well for the Superbowl that I ended up with no leftovers.icon_cry.gif I received quite a bit of praise that to all of you. Now I just have to try to feed 40 people this Saturday for my son's 3rd Birthday. I'm thinking 3 Butts & a rack of ABT's. The only problem is that I'm going to have to smoke through the night Friday night to be able to pull it off.icon_eek.gif
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Do not thank us; you acheived the first and asked for the second. You brought it on !!! You will get through the 2nd just fine though..... Happy to hear the 1st went well.....
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Looks good, nice smoke.
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Great job Grande. Sure wish you'd package that up and send it out to all of us. Wouldn't that make Qvue a whole lot better?
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Smell-Vue would also be pretty cool PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

Nice job, Grande!! Good luck with the ABTs!
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