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I know this a smokin site & hope tis the right place to post these pics-they are the by-product of the bacon I have in cure.Allie from N'awlins and loves here cracklins-turned me onto them when we went to move her here after Katrina.made a few batches today-good thing the heart Dr. not comming over for game day.
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desertlites....I love fresh cracklins. Those look wonderful!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice job on the cracklins , made some myself last week. I got 4qrts of lard and a mess of cracklins....till the friends showed up.
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yup a great supply of lard-works for everything-even greasing wagon wheels
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tell me how you made them
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Looks good, I'd like to try them sometime.
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I bet they were good. I can't see those little pictures though.
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They have to be healthier than ' chicken-fried bacon' ... LOL!
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