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Bone-in Boston Butt - why foil?

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I'm getting ready to use Meowy's tutorial to smoke my first bone-in boston butt tomorrow. After reading the threads on smoking a butt, my question is why is tenting with foil, or covering with foil, necessary? Would the end result be the same if the butt was smoked until an internal temp of 210, pulled off to let rest for an hour, then pulled?
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Have you ever smoked a butt before?
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my last attempt, i foiled at 170.........then took off heat at 195 and rested........then pulled after 1/2 hour..........but i didn't care for the method........tho it does collect some serious juices.....

all my others........i took off smoker at 195 and tented for 1/2 hour......pulled a heck of a lot easier..........
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I have not, this is my first attempt.
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Wise WD, what would have happened if you didn't tent for 1/2 hour and just let it rest on the counter (or in a pan) for 30 min and started pulling? icon_question.gif
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tenting is just to retain the foil to use?
if not just use a dish towel
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The only purpose of wrapping in foil is to help baste the meat in juices and drive up the internal temps. It would take quite abit of time to reach 195 to 205º internal temps if you did not foil, however you can do it if you have a smoker that can maintain temps, reach higher cooking temps and you have alot of extra time on your hands.
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flash.........i have never had any problems my meat rising in temps in a half hour just by tenting.......
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Dude, as I stated, if you have the time, foiling or tenting shouldn't be needed as long as your smoker can maintain good smoking temps. I usually go to 160 to 170º before foiling. Its just gonna take alot longer to achieve 200º without foiling or tenting. Atleast with my smoker it does. PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif I am happy with a smoke of 7 to 9 hours tops.
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only reason i do it flash, is to let the juices settle i give it a 1/2 hour....then i matter the internals.........
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OK, you are talking about after removing butt from smoker......I am still on the smoker with what I was talking about. Once I hit pulling temps (195 to 205º) I usually leave it wrapped and pop it in a cooler for 1/2 to 1 hour....this depends on how long it takes my wife to get other things finished for the dinner wink.gif
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WD - I've got foil but was wanting to understand the concept of why foil was being used.

Flash, thanks for providing what would happen if it wasn't used. I don't think I want to spend an extra 3 hours smoking if I can pull it off, tent it, and pull in 30 more minutes (WDs suggestion).

Now I understand why the foil is used! Thanks to you both!! icon_razz.gif
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Temps will usually start rising quickly, not long after foiling. Depending on WHEN you foiled and at what TEMP you foiled will depend on how long it will take to finish the smoke and reach "pulling" temps.
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I never have enough time to leave mine in the smoker for the full time. I live dead in the city, and if my smoker is still lit after dark they call the cops on me. You have to be so many feet away from your house, and that would put me right in the middle of the street. So I don't want to piss off the cops. I can usualy get to 165 outside, that's with the plaute(?). Then I have to bring it in and into the oven it goes. I don't foil it untill it get's to 200. I like a nice hard bark. I wish I could move and smoke like the rest of ya'll. but I'm still having a blast!!!
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crap michael.......that sux..............can't smoke after dark......... have been making the most of it, in spite of em
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