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pulled pork question

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I am gonna do my pulled pork on saturday for the super bowl,,, when this is done how can i reheat on sunday with out drying it out,,, I was gonna prepare it all on satuday,,, so i can cook my chicken & ribs sunday !!
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Smoke saturday, pull pork and put in foil pan and cover, reheat in oven on sunday, good to go!!
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What Bubba said!

Be sure to save the juices to add back in on the reheat. If you forget, don't have much, or it is just looking dry, add a little apple juice or something to the meat on the reheat if it is getting dry on you.
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yep what Bubba said . by the way where we havin the party ;)
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I like to reheat in bbq sauce.
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A can of beef broth. It doesnt change the flavor
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meat~smoker in n.j.
Don't forget to serve with offering finishing sauce, it very much compliments pulled pork.

If serving a few people on and off during a Superbowl party wouldn't a crock pot on low work well for serving? Reason I ask is my wife and I are serving 4 pulled porks and 4 batches Dutches Wicked Smoked Beans to a group of 50 in the middle of February and plan beans on one side and the pulled pork on the other side of a roaster with a divider to keep the two seperate.
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Pretty much what everyone else said w/ foil. But I reheat mine on the smoker for about 45 min- 1hr.and uncover the last 1/2 hour in the smoker sprayed w/ apple juice @225. I like to let the smoke hit it one more time.
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