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Kegerator Pt. 1

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Well, I'm weak... after I saw Glued's kegerator I knew I had to build one, so I ordered a kit and a set of heafty glass mugs yesterday. I also found a nice refrigerator on craigslist for $80, so the project is underway.

Here is the fridge as it was delivered. It was in a fella's garage for some time, and he said he just wanted it out of the way.

It had a few drink spills and such inside, and the doors were opposite the way I wanted, so...

Off with the doors and out with the Pine Sol and rags. The wife even helped me and she don't even drink beer. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

It cleaned up real well, and the only blemish was a small scratch on the back of the inside wall. This size (20 cu ft Kenmore) sells for nearly $600, what a deal! Almost a shame to drill holes in it.

Drawers out and ready for a keg. I have plenty of width and depth for a keg, but I think I'm a bit short for a full size keg. I think the half keg would probably suit me better anyway, and if I have company I'll just ice down a backup. I can hardly wait for my kit to get here. Getting thirsty. Maybe I'll have Super Bowl draft? I'll follow up later.
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Cool project. thats a damn nice fridge..... You got a good deal there............

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Just wanted to get it out of the way.

I love folks like that.

Looking good. Can't wait to see the finished product.
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Yea you can put a 1/2 barrel in it. The botton sheleve have to be lower.

I just took then out and made a shelf out of wood. Also a 20 lbs Co2 tank will fit in there too.
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I've had a kegerator for about 25 years now. First was a $25 fridge that lasted about 20 years then it died so had to replace it a few years ago. I keep mugs/glasses in the freezer and always a full size keg(1/2 barrell). If you like draft beer it is the was to go. Only one empty to take back to the store! If you'd like some pics of it I can post them but sounds like your on your way.

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Yeah, I would agree that it would be nice to squeeze a full sized keg in there, and I might figure a way to do it, but I think I'll start with the half and see how it works out. I'd also like to use some of the space for a brine pot and other smoking/grilling/cooking condiments and ingredients that are quickly filling the wife's fridge.

Anyhow, trial and error... I may redisign the bottom shelf, but I think I might like the storage (Cokes, Mt. Dew, etc.).
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That shelf may support the weight of a half keg, But I doubt it will hold up a full size.

Sure is a nice fridge to tear upPDT_Armataz_01_14.gif I'm thinking about getting a bigger one,
I have 2 stackable brine buckets now, But I'm still piling meat to thaw on the keg and buckets.

Since the bottom of the fridge has that slant in the back, is why I built the floor. I needed a flatter bottom to put the kegs in and space for the brine buckets/pots.

These black kegs are rubber coated to help it stay cold longer. Doesn't really serve much of a pourpose here. That's pastrami curing on the buckets.

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Might want to consider a 3rd fridge to hold your brining meats and to hold the spare keg. Sometimes your primary keg will empty in a most untimely manner. Like in the middle of a smoke, gathering or worst yet, when the beer store is closed. Only happened to me once.eek.gif

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I usually lift the keg to see how much is left. so if it comes to hosting guests and what not, I make the proper accomedations. I usually keep some spare beer when it's getting close.

I've been thinking about a scale to put the keg on to act as a gauge.

I also have spare empties to trade in as another safety precaution. I've been bying kegs from the same place for so long, some fall through the cracks.
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That's it... I'm going to find a way to fit the full keg. Primarily because there is nothing available around here in a half keg that I want to drink. I've got 2x4s and some 3/4" ply that should make a stout shelf, and I think I'll have plenty of clearance all around once installed.

More later...
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Iused some pressure treated wood I had leftover from building some fence.
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Oh my gosh! Glued2it lives in Tulsa, a mere hour from my house and I haven't been on a field trip to see his kegerator? That sure is purdy.

Glued2it, What general area of Tulsa do you live in? I grew up in the neighborhood just south of the Farm shopping center and now live about an hour away in Gore, Ok.
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