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whole hog head help!!!!!

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What would you all do if you had a freash whole hog head. Would you remove the brains,eyes and tongue or what? i want to smoke it like a butt while i dont really have much to do. How would you season it? I have seen whole hogs cooked on t.v. but no one mention the the things i am asking about. Is this worth it.

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wow.........here in iowa, you can't get the head...........OR the feet.......i wanted em left on my last whole hog, BUTT iowa law won't allow that......CRAP
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Remove the eyes for sure....they pop at a certain temperature. It will not hurt anything, but it's not a pretty sight,PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif
You do not have to remove anything else unless you want to.....Some folks like to remove the brain and tongues to serve separately.
The jowls are fantastic.smile.gif

You could also make head cheese.
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I saw whole heads for sale this weekend ($.99 per pound (is that good)) and just thought.........now what the hell would anyone do with that thing. LOL
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There are a few things that just were'nt meant to be eaten. Brains, kidneys and hog heads!!eek.gif
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Cowgirl You haven't ..eek.gifeek.gifeek.gifeek.gifeek.gif From calf fry to ...icon_redface.gificon_redface.gificon_redface.gif
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heehe cajun..........from the front to the back, cowgirl has cooked it
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Got this from one of my thread starters a while ago for a calfs' head(dont know how to just paste that site, thread etc). So here it is again.

Cousin did this along time ago. Said it's not bad.....

Calf's Head

Dig a hole 18 inches deep and wide enough to fit a calf's head, allowing for enough space for a good layer of coals. Build a big fire in hole and burn down to coals.

When head is cut off slaughtered calf, leave enough skin to wrap or fold over neck opening. Wrap head in wet burlap sack. Put heavy wire securely around head--- strong enough to lift cooked head from hole.

Shovel some coals out of hole, leaving a good layer on the bottom. Place head in hole. Shovel live coals all around head and on top, then a layer of ashes on the top, followed by a good layer of dirt so that it is completely sealed off and no air can get in.

Cook 12 hrs. Remove from hole by wire. Remove sack and skin and it's ready to enjoy. All parts are there, cooked to perfection!

(Still wont try it)

Today....May try it now the more I think about it......PDT_Armataz_01_09.gif
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Sorry cajun! lol
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Hey crewdawg! I do whole hogs that way too!biggrin.gif
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My Aunt would boil the head (I think?) and peel off all the meat and make head cheese. Looks kinda gross. I'm sure Cowgirl would know best what to do with it.
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My thoughts exactly. PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif

It would have to be Red Dawn +60 or so before I'd consider what to do with that.
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My only thought is... why buy the head, when HYVEE has a shoulder for $.99 a pound too!!

I guess if you like Pigs Brains... go for it!
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I don't feel so good.I think dinner will have to wait now! OMG.
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When I was a kid we ate it all head , ears, feet tail lot of lean meat on the head . Jowel meat is better than bacon
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I only got one thing to say about all this.... " I love scrapple"....
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Let's see........................

Head $.99 lb.
Butt $.99 lb.
Head $.99 lb.
Butt $.99 lb.
Head $.99 lb.
Butt $.99 lb.

Yep. It's the butt, FOR SURE.
Some choices are REALLY easy. PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
And some folks give me chit for smoking SPAM!
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Holy Cow... I mean ...Pork! I guess if I HAD to I would but...no way man...not fer this Red neck! Jeez maybe I ain't so Red ! LOL. Different strokes for different folks but I think I'll stick with fish and ribs and like things that won't keep me awake at night. My wife'd FREAK right out on me if I ever tried someting like that. Guess I've just had it too easy. Can't even bring myself to try Prairie oysters either. Not to offend anyone at all...this is pretty wild...make sure ya get some shots for us weaklings ...I mean for me !!! LOL. Yep Pecularmike...SPAM is good !!!!!!
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I'd give the head to Hormel. They could figure out something to do with it.
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For that price I'll take some of each ...
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