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Chicken Wings

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I'm thinkin of doing some BBQ wings in the smoker for the big game this weekend. Anyone have any tips on doing them? I saw the other post. I'm not really going for the crispy wings, kind of like a rotiserrie chicken slathered in some BBQ sauce. Maybe this isn't possible in my masterbuilt smoker which only has a max temp of 275.

As far as brining, any suggestions on what I should use and in what amounts? I've been using tenderquick for everything, but just want to make sure I don't make them too salty.

Thanks all for your help. This place is great!
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I used very little of a store-bought chicken grill spice rub and let that soak for a couple hours, then smoked them until they were about done. I ate mine both with and without buffalo sauce. Both were excellent. I don't think you can go wrong! I'm planning on doing them up this weekend myself!

I think your smoker will do fine. Personally, I wouldn't worry about brining them. There's plenty of fat in the wing...
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Why brine? Wings are small and cook quick. Keep an eye on them. You will do fine.
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i use pickle juice and alagro
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Gotta agree with Pc Mike, wings are easy and forgiving, keep an eye on em, no need for brine. I would bet that the number 1 menu item for super bowl weekend is wings.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I did a batch last weekend and they were like rubber with tough skin. After all the feed back I got on the forums I'm thinking my temp was too low. From now on I'll be doing them on the Weber kettle grill over direct coals.

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At least "finish" the wings on a charcoal grill after smoking in the MES.....Don't think you will like the skin tecture otherwise.
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No idea how many times this needs to be posted before everyone sees it , BUT..................

Folks, chicken is NOT a "low & slow" meat. Chicken needs to be cooked at higher temperature. I cook chicken at 350°F. on my smoker, I have seen some say they do it at 300°F, that should work fine also.
Don't try to cook chicken in a smoker at 225°F, it just won't turn out to be what you want. Unless you really like rubber skin.
Now, I'm just an old gray haired fat guy who has been smoking since back in the 70's and judges a few comps. You can do as you please. PDT_Armataz_01_25.gif
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Tell us how you really feel Mike PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
I agree, but alot of folks cannot take their smokers that high. I have one that will work, my old ECB, but by GOSM will not, without a ton of charcoal. What you can do is smoke them till you reach 160º internal, then transfer to the hot grill. (I use my gasser for this) It will crisp the skin up nicely. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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is there such a thing a putting a cold smoke on the wings the day before......then doing em your normal way, whatever that is for each of you........i know poultry is iffy..........

just a thought...........
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never smoked them..i marinate in different sauces, hot, bbq, hot &bbq, etc for 36-48 hrs..then i grill for 25-35 min depending on size and how done people prefer...after i take off grill i put in a plastic bowl and shake with sauce again..serve with bleu chees and many cold beers......biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif
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