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First fresh pork picnic ham..

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PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif Well last month I was in the grocery store looking at the pork butts on sale and right beside them were several of these fresh pork picnic hams..I picked this one up and it was a little over ten pounds for less than $6. I guess not many people buy them is why they were cheaper than the butts. So I thought I would buy one and take it home and smoke it the same day..

Well I came home and fired up the Old Smokey..(that is the new name..When I bought mine they were called Redi-Smokers) Same location in Houston.) Other than the temp controller the are identical! Well I added my 2 cups of damp hickory sawdust rubbed the ham with Zach's rib rub and stuck my temp probe in it and turned it to high..3 hours later it hit 195 internal and I wrapped it and sat it in my cooler for a couple of hours till supper.

I carved some and pulled some and tried of that pulled pork sweet and sour sauce (2-it) told me about! Made some great sandwiches. I like that Smoker cause if I am in a hurry I can crank it up on high and smoke cook a big piece of meat in 3 hours and its moist and well smoked..because its enclosed and the moisture stays inside..Similar to foil wrapping a brisket and finishing in the oven. Never drys out the meat! Just gets more tender..My opinion is there was more good meat on that fresh picnic than on the butts..The taste was great tender smoked pork!
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Looks mighty damn good. Good job.

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i have done several picnic and also whole shoulder. They usually turn out great. Some people say they can tell the differenc in taste. I can't. Yours sure look good
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