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Smoke Vault 24 wind break

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Here is my little "Smoke House" wind break I constructed for my Smoke Vault 24....It works really good and keeps the Temps up, in this miserable cold and wind...
This is a front view

and this is a side view

I left the sides on the very bottom open and put a 4" chimney vent in the top to help dissipate the smoke from the Smoke Vault, and to aide in circulation...
This is a work in progress! I am going to put some castor's on it, so it is easier to move around, and my lady is going to make a curtain for the front, (she got some outdoor heavy Camo fabric) to help keep the heat in the box..I am using a moving blanket over the front right now...I am also going to put some small shelves inside for my remote thermometers and other accessories

I fired it up the other day, and brought the temp up to 225 and it held right there...even at 8 degrees and a good wind...
Just thought I would share!
I have a friend that owns a pallet building business, and he and I put this together in about an hour and a half, for almost nothingPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
good place to warm the hands too!icon_biggrin.gif
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Great job on finding a way to shelter your smoker. I'm going to look forward to the final pics when your done. Have a good smoke my friend.
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I like it, very nice set up. Before you know it you will have shingles and vinyl siding on it !!!
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Very get a permit for that??? Building inspector mod. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Great looking shack. Should work out nice for you. I did something similar for my little cheif, but I also insulated it and put a door on the front of mine. Good job.

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That outta do it! good job," don't let the weather dictate your menu ", I always say.
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I like that smoker. Also good ideal about the wind break.
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Pod now thats using your head for something besides a hat rack!!!!!!!Nice build and like the idea!!!!!!!!!!!
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