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Homemade chip pan for electric ECB.

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Well, I fired up the ECB this weekend, but before I did I made a pan to hold the chips above the element. I have to say that it worked well.

I started with an old baking sheet and a pair of tin snips. 10 mins later this is what I had. I cut some slots and bent them down to be used as feet. The tray rides about 1/4'' above the element.

Most of the ashes stayed in the tray and it was easy enough to empty with a pair of pliers.

I also devised a make shift smoker insulator. It was cold here, about 16 or so, but it was that wind that was killing me. It worked well.

What cha think?


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I like it all. Especially the jacket.
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Cool...maybe with that insulator you can get game to hop right into the smoker!
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Cool icon_cool.gif pics!
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Looks good.
Also looks like you still need a picture mod. rolleyes.gif
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Great looking mod's. As long as they work thats what matters the most. I love the jacket idea. Great job.......

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What insulator? What smoker? I can't see anything but the porch.....
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Yea aparrently I have been uploading some huge pics. I just read the post where they madfe me aware of it. I thought I had the settings set to 8x6. Guess not. My browser was resizing on the fly. Looked good from my end.

I will have to redo the pics.

Whay you don't like extreme close ups? PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Sorry, that was an attempt at poor humor, I was referring to the "Camo insulation"
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Heh... I actually got that one. Weird- be worried Jim!
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