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Brrrr, its winter w/ Q view

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Decided to smoke up some fatty's and a chucky today. The temps were about 10 degrees when I started the ole girl up this morn. The wind has been brutal. Here is a pic of the conditions at about noon.

I rolled up some fatty's, one with cheddar chipotle cheese and a rib rub. 1 with sauteed mushrooms and pepper cheese, and 1 with sargento Bistro blend w/ bacon. All were made with Bob evans regular, and wrapped with bacon strips.

They are in the smoke at 10:45 in the pic above alongside a 2 1/2 lb chuck roast, that was panseared in bacon greese after a rub with minimal sugar content( turbonado at that). Here it is 2 1/2 hrs later, missing 1 fatty, cuz it was done!

will get more pics after the roast and other fatty's come off. The beff is at165 right now, 3 1/2 hrs into the smoker.
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Capt Dan
Good looking grub, congrats on braving the elements !!!
I like your smoke shelter, it shows dedication.
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Looks pretty Yummy,

Can't wait to see the roast all done and sliced. I've been thing about Chuck Roast, but still haven't put one on yet. Had fatty for breakfast myself with eggs, YUM!
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Smoked chuck roast, not that sounds interesting. Have to add that to the list of to-do's now. Ran it by the woman and she wasn't so sure.
I imagine its great sliced and eaten that way. Whats your favorite way of consuming it? Fajitas, BBQ beef sandwiches, or grilled with cheese on a sandwich, or you have another way? ....curious. I know I would like it on a grilled with cheese sandwich wink.gif .
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These lil baby ones I like to slice and munch on it like brisket, or put on a samich,on the bigger ones 7-15 lbs I like to let em roll to 170, then foil and take to 200 like a butt. Then pull or chop it into shredded beef for sandwiches. I have used them in fajitas and especially casadilas. The beef is at 170 now and is going into foil shortly!
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nice looking capt'n
i am braving em myself.............abts, 3 heads of garlice, a bloomin sliced onion..........3* here now.........but no wind, thank god
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hey capt good looken hut told the half i wanted to cover mine with a outhouse replica and that went over like a brick s**************t house also hey dude any q-view of that bloomin onion
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yeah.........but going to post the whole weekends smoke at once........the butt......lil smokies..........abts.......the smoked oniion.......the bloomin one...and the heads of garlic
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be waiten on this one dude
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anyway........back to capt'n's smoke............

sorry for the highjack capt'n
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hehehe, no highjack, love the extra input from the cold weather smokes. Just pulled the beef off the pit. All the fatties are done and I have pics. As soon as I get a couple of the beef, I download em and post em up. Took the chuck to 190, foiled it at 175. It should be good! watchin NE kick charger butt. But we knew that would happen. I think GB will do the same to the Giants, especially in this frigid cold. Lookin forward to the late game!
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I already decided what I'd do with it....
Some quality french or itialian bread grilled, slice and heat the meat with some cheese and toss some grilled onoins on it, a little mayo and I got myself a nice hoagie.....well not yet!
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french dips
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I think you could do alot with it. It is resting in the oven with the Au jus right now while I wait for my rice pilaf to finish! Here it is part way through the slicing. I had a hard time not eating it right then. I did have to taste it to be sure though!

I did like the taste and the texture, kinda like brisket instead of the pulled beef.Like usual, I am sure it will be twice as good as left overs. Here is a couple pics of the fattys.
1st one is pepper jack, with sauteed mushrooms, and the second pic is the bistro blend with bacon bits.

One of the few times the sun was out today!
I think I got my fix till next weekend!
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yes it is toasty. I just walk out there in my sweats and T shirt, and close the door behind me!cool.gif
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Capt Dan
All looks great and nice smoke ring you got going !!!
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That sliced beef looks awesome! Nice work!
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good job capt. that roast looks yummy and tommorrow great samies
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leftovers for tomorrow!
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Great smoke Dan. IT all looks wonderful

I would give points but I can't. Seems I have given to much in the lst 24 hrs.rolleyes.gifrolleyes.gif

I got some jerky somking now along with some burger to be used later. Oh its 24* here, windy as heck and snow on the ground.
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