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Rich that is a value that is set by default in the admin control panet that the regular mods don't have any control over. You should take up your position with TulsaJeff and not here in the open forum.
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Your gonna P*** OFF the MOD SQUAD Richard
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As a member here I don't need the points. As a moderator I think they cause more problems then their worth as a tool of this forum. Just one man's opinion, no more or less valuable then anyone elses.

Just keep supporting the members thru helpful and timely advice, disparaging myths, setting the example thru excellent and consistent results and you will have achieved much more then any amount of points you could ever give.

And btw, that one lousy picture of last night's butt ain't going to cut it lol!
Need more Qview!
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I think this says it all.
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lol the last thing you want is for me to loose the thong lol
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As many of you know, I was working on the points system a week or so ago and may have caused something to return to its' default setting.

I will look into it.

Furthermore, the points system is supposed to be something we do for fun here which is why I turned off the ability to give negative point.. that just ain't fun at all and it certainly serves no purpose other than to make the giver feel better.

If it stops being fun it can easily be turned off.

My suggestion is to use it in fun and if you find yourself getting frustrated by it then find a different way to give out kudos.
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points system

can understand frustration of richtee...but not real pressed about to learn, don't have much knowledge to share, compared to most......maybe if it is a sorespot you should discontinue...the sharing should not suffer for the point system...PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif
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Sigh...Wife won't let me use the good cam with greasy fingers...Grr... that's It! I'm posting to the refridgerator! Umm wait...bad idea. I'll have to find a food-proof cam.
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