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Meatloaf with a twist

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I'm thinking about smoking a meatloaf today but mixing in a pound of sausage & pound of ground beef.
Think the sausage would make it too greasy??
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Sounds pretty good. If your worried about it being to greasy, maybe only use a half of pound of sausage and one and a half pounds of burger. Just a thought. I guess it depends on how greasy your sausage is to begin with. I have had some sausage that wasn't all that greasy. You making it in a pan or on foil? If your making it on foil maybe you can do something to let the greasy drain away from the loaf. I have only done one loaf and that I did it in a pan. I know the pan holds the greasy and juices in. But anyways let us know how it turns out. Hope this helps you.

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More Breadcrums?

Maybe add a few more bread crums to absorb more Flavor(GREASE)? Or you could go 60/40 on your mix with a little less Sausage. For bread crums, I food process leftover biscuits and some wheat bread, seems to go well with smoked meat loaf. Also, I shape it like a brisket instead of a bread loaf and go direct on the rack to get more smoke. About 1.5" x 9" x 5". You just have to be careful putting it on without cracking it, 2 spatulas or flip with foil works:-)
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I use sausage in meat balls all the time. Gives it so much more flavor, I also would think about cutting back a little bit on the sausage too. But I would surely go for it.
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I'm gonna go for it. If it turns out bad, there's always plan "B":
Pizza delivery. icon_rolleyes.gif

Last time a made a loaf I put it on a disposable vegetable griller, couldn't find any today so I'll either put it right on the grate or some foil.
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I wouldn't use a pan for the loaf. Throw it straight on the rack.
If using a pan you are right it might be to greasey.
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I tried no pan once, started to break apart. Now I either use one of them wok looking things with all the holes in it, or I just firm it up in a pan then take it out an put it on the rack.
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Did you Smoke that loaf?

Hi Sisco,

Did you get the loaf on today or order pizza? How did it work out if you did?

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Next time I'll stick to plain ground beef. It wasn't bad but it wasn't as good as the first one.
It got done a lot quicker than expected too; I planned on 2.5 - 3 hours, it was at 170 degrees after an hour and a half. (Did it in my CharGriller)
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Well now you know what works for you. Trial and error. I know when I made my last loaf, I learned for me I need to use less bell peppers in the recipe. It was still good just not as good as I had hoped. I am always tweeking my recipes.

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I made a fattie with equal portions of sausage and ground beef and did not find it greasy at all. If you are still worried use a lean ground beef and use the sausage to provide the fat.
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It wasn't greasy, just didn't care for the texture and flavor.
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