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Foiling a Butt

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sometime ago, within the last few weeks, someone mentioned bout foiling their butts.......i never thought there would be a need for it, unless to tent, just before pulling..........but my last butt i did, the barq was SO hard, you needed a jackhammer to break it.........someone, and i can't remember who, talked about foiling, after misting with aj/rum, so it finished in the foil, and moistioned up the barq abit

anyone recall this, and and what temps to foil at?

i did a search and came up with nada..........

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that be it.........points for you texas........thankx
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I always foil my butt. It keeps the foot prints from showing PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif

Actually I always do. I try to go as long as possible to build the bark, but find I need to foil to reach the 200-205º internal temp (usually around 160º), atleast with my smoker. I find I get more bark if I do fat cap DOWN. The bark will not form as well if you do fat cap UP, so that may be an option for you Dude if you are getting too much.
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i always get to temps on my ecb.........but i do fat cap down......juices percolate UP...........this time, i am not getting a serious of a barq icon_evil.gif

temps right now are 154.......will foil bout 165-170.......just to finish up IN THE WARMTH OF THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!! biggrin.gif

going to pull, add soflaqu'ers finishing sauce, ( crap iwish he would shorten that name up, its even hard to pronounce......LOL).......then put in fridge for tomorrows games.........abts, tomorrow........with the bloomin oniions, and need to smoke a couple more heads of garlic......crap, we go thru that sh*t fast......ehehe
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I foiled today by accident!

Seriously, I had to foil today on my 2 butts in the qview I posted earlier. They wouldn't go above 175 (probably because my smoker was at 210.) I didn't want to waste any more wood, so I foiled them, brought em in the house, and put them in the oven at 260 for 1 hour. Honestly, the bark is still just fine and the bone just fell out. I have to go pull them in a few minutes:-)
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probably just reached the plateau point there steve, but foiling will always push them thru. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif 210 is getting alittle low, so the oven idea was a good one.
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question..............if you put the pulled pork and put the finishing sauce on it (vinegar), won't this react with the aluminum? if you use a foil pan?
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I have done that many times Dude and never had a problem.
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If your worried about health hazards....

If your worried about health hazards, just use a cast iron pan or a porcelain coated broiler pan they won't react with vinegar:-)
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I always foil at 165°F after using the aj/rum spray.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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How long do you smoke garlic?
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I foil at 140 to 160. I call this the "dark zone" ya know, when the temp looks like it going no where for hours. I added the finishing sause after I pulled. This way I don't get any reaction with the vinegar. I have never had bark to be hard. Did one yesterday until 205 and came out great. Q-view on pork thread.

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I foil at 170 and let it finish. Learned that from Flash. Works great and the last two I did were better than the prior ones I did.
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