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Beef, Mother in Law, and 2 butts?

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Wife wants Beef for her Moms birthday on Sunday. I have 2 butts I pulled out of the freezer that I am smok'n anyway. I will also be doing BBQ beans with some leftover rib meat mixed in(the flap).

What's the beef? Brisket is totally an option butt I thought I might do something different. Maybe a whole shoulder? Any suggestions for the old ***, I mean the loving Mother Inlaw that got me a nice pair of slippers?

Seriously, I would like to do different beef but I have to be within 10 to 20 degrees of my Butt temperature since they will be in the smoker too!

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Could do a chuck/top/round roast. All are Good. London broil, tri tip?
Pleny of good options. Check the beef threads.
Try some of Dutch's baked beans , found under side items. Those are a hit with everyone.
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I have to be honest...

I have to be honest...i can't seem to find anything when i search stuff. I know its me, but I end up with endless threads. Butt, to be upbeat, thanks for the reply:-) I am thinking about a whole shoulder or maybe the old faithful, a whole packer brisket. Just was trying to do something different than usual for the inlaws. I hate to feed guests something I have cooked for them before, Huh?

Oh yeah, if i don't get ideas here, I'll wing it, dig out my old notes, and keep you posted, maybe some q-views?
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one idea for a search........make sure you choose topic, not post........in the search option.........go to advanced search, to find this option......that will cut down on the confusion...........

since you are doing butts.......which i assume, you are pulling..........why not a roast.......sliced up for sandwiches

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IMO I don't think you will find any beef to cook within 10 degrees of a butt. You just need to put the beef on a few hours after the Butt.
I like eye of round and good cheap meat that taste good and easy to smoke. I just did a few Filet migion and they were GREAT..
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Butt degrees!!

I agree with you on the fact I will need to put beef after butt:-) What i meant was the cooking temp. If I am at 225 on the butts, I can probably do a 235 on the other end of the smoker which is where I will put the beef. I know its doable, just trying for some new ideas. When I think eye round, I think 275, but, Its a great idea, been a while. I used to buy them whole at Sams in the cryovac and do em on the rotissory:-)

Thanks, SMS
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i do my butts at 250........and my last bottom round that i did for french dips........i did at 250 to 137 internal, for a med. rare peice of meat........

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Hi Walking Dude,

I impressed by your postings, you must be real good with the keyboard:-) Thanks for the searching tips, I think you sensed I was getting a little discouraged. I will take your advice.

Roast sounds great and along the lines of what I want to do, bigger the better!

I have to ask though, here in Maine or here in my brain, never heard the word Sammies. So, what is it???

Thanks in advance,

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crap.......sammies........slang for sandwiches......i turned this roast into french dips.......
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What! I must be from Maine, Thats my only excuse! Oh Yeah----Sandwhich!
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Go buy a nice 3-4 lb chuck roast and rub it with the same rub you use for your pork butts. Smoke it the same way as a butt, you can take it off and rest it at 170 for slicing, or foil it then and take it to 200 along with the pork for a pulled beef dish. Just as easy as the pork, almost the same time lb for lb. Good luck. I hope she appreciates it.biggrin.gif
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Wow, awesome Qview!

That looks Awesome!!!, I think I will might go in that direction, rarer the better with that cut, i think you have the right idea. Another Maine--ar question for ya Dude---What's a french dip?
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I confess, never done a chuck roast with smoke before, sounds pretty easy, sounds simple:-) I am going to certainly try all these suggestions, hmmmmm, the wife will pick which one to do for the old ***, I mean the loving mother in law who bought me my favorite slippers :-)
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Thanks Again

That French Dip is pretty much Maine's Steak Sub---I think:-) I am learning a new language. As long as they let me speak english I will be OK!
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Lots of good beef out there to try. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

London Broil

Chuck Roast

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london broil........isn't that just a flank steak
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hehhehe.........i looked it up myself........thankx
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I decided on a Flat Cut

Well, I picked a flat cut because it was at Sams Club for $1.67 per #. I've always done packers so it will be a bit quicker and something sort of new. Sunday it's supposed to be really cold here in Maine, so I will put everything in the pit Saturday, then re-heat for the wife's mom on Sunday!

I have to try my first 2.5# fatty! You guys are converting me but to make my Nurse wife think its healthy, I added a few spinach leaves!! Basically, Jimmy Dean, cheddar, mozorelli, red bell in vinegar, green pepper, and rub plus bacon. So I will try to do it like I have seen on the Q-views!!

saturday, I will do the 7# flat, 13# of butt, 5# of BBQ beans, 8# of pork loin divided with one part stuffed with a previously smoked Brattworst. I am going to try to get the pre Q-view to you now, and hopefully, the finished q-view Saturday evening. Let me know how what ya think!!

Hope this link works---- http://s259.photobucket.com/albums/h...w%20Party/

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