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casings local or mail order??

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Just wondering where you guys find your casings at?? Was trying to find some small ones for smack sticks locally but can't find them. unless i'm looking in the wronge places
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they are typically collegen anyway..order 'em.
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Academy Sports here has a few. Also Cablea's and Bass Pro, in case you have any of those near.
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this post was an oops. see below
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for snack sticks I typically use collagen casings which pretty much have an indefinite shelf life. go get em
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try in Buffalo New York - they have about anything you need supply and equipmentwise for making all sorts of sausage -

Just a note - When I make "Slim Jims" , snack sticks I don't use casings - they just sorta hand together during cooking/dehydrationbut some people prefer the little "snap" they get when they bite into a sausage with a casing around it.

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I would say it depends on what avaiblein your area. In my area one of the tractor supply type store has them and alos Scheel's store and a few of the grocery stores carry them. But when they are out I look on-line. So it just depends on if I can get them locally for a fair price or not. Just my 2 cents.

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I have a real good natural foods grocery store locally with a great butcher shop. They stock casings, seasoning mixes, sawdust, twine, burger bags, hog rings, various cures. If I can't get what I need there, I go through Sausage Maker, or,,, or I have other online sources I've visited, but not ordered from yet as well. These listed should get you in as much trouble as the rest of us.
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gander mountain around here has them,or i've orderd them from curleys sausage kitchen.
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Brought some to a get together and was asked where's the snap.
I had taken the casings off so no one would complain about them. By the way I use collagen from .
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