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Cannot post

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0415 in Calif. and richos1 is in the house, but my post is not being accepted. Help!
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This one made it thru....
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Who did you make madPDT_Armataz_01_09.gif
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Can you hear me now??? confused.gifwink.gif
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I was trying to reply to "We are hard core smokers" and it would not do a save. I thought it might be my mouse, but it worked on fine other sites. I found that if I held down the mouse button for a few seconds while clicking on Post Quick Reply, it would save. Oh well, I'm here and that's what counts.
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Had My Own Probs

Had Problems With Time Outs....may Not Be Your Problem..but How Does Your Internet Service Work With Other Sites.. ??
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Try Cleaning Your Mouse..lots Of Gunk Can Built Up In There..or Get A New Mouse
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Internet service works fine, so does the mouse on other sites. I'm letting this thread go away.
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Glad Your Back To Working Here ..we Need Your Posts..mike
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