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NOOB Fatty Questions

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Okay, I have read that you can add 'almost anything' into a fatty and it will most likely turn out great. My question is, what do you do with the fatty once it's done and you slice it up? Does anyone care to post what kind of fatty they make and how they serve/eat them?

Most of the recipes sound good, but to me it just seems odd to cut a slice and pop it in your mouth, but hey, I'll give it a try icon_biggrin.gif

I just want to try a fatty or three on my next smoke. Thanks all.
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You can try putting a slice on toast, a bagel, for breakfast with your eggs and hash browns. Roll it in a tortilla... it's all good.
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It's never odd to just slice and eat smoked meat. But... what about as a nacho topping? Make Sloppy<smoky> joes with it. Cheese and crackers? C'mon! It's BETTER than sliced bread! ;{)
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its never odd to just pop a piece in my

especially the end pieces....OMG

i slice a couple of pieces, put it onto a toasted bagel or english muffin, poach or fry an egg, top with some more cheese, eat away
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The following view is all the further mine have ever made it....

Once they made it to a tray then gone slice by slice ... rather quickly....
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I just slice and eat, If you have any left, its great to reheat in the morn, and put on an egg sandwich.
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You can add it to beans, top with cheese and make a sandwich or anything you can think of. That is what is so great about smoking/cooking, your imagination can run wild.icon_mrgreen.gif
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There is no wrong way to eat a fatty. It can serve as an appetizer, main course or snack depending when you make them and what is in them.
I recommend if you want to have any chance of actually tasting one, you make at least two!
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Like everyone has said and to Quote Ron, "there is no wrong way to eat a fatty".
You don't even half to stuff it. You can just smoke the chub of sausage. Eat it for breakfast as you normally would. Taste better and none of the grease to mess with.icon_mrgreen.gif
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If you smoke a straight JD or JD clone, bust it into pieces and use it in sausage gravy for biscuits! You will never use anything else again. Its also good in chili and even spaghetti sauce. (I use Italian Fatty for that)
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Have never had the opportunity to "serve" one at all. I now instinctively hold on to the last end piece when I put the knife down. Doesnt seem to matter if its a 1lb chub or 2 1/2 lb chub, the slices are gone when the knife hits the counter. I guess same rule applies to serving them as making them, let your imagination be your guide.
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