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Rotisserie Smoker

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Any such thing? I know my indoor rotisserie makes some of the best, juiciest yard bird I've ever had. Seems like a rotisserie device while smoking might help keep the juices in the bird. Maybe I'll have to build me one.icon_mrgreen.gif
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why do you think, spinning a bird will keep it juicier? seems to me, it will just make it dizzy......hehehe.......j/k

i smoked chicken 1/4's couple weeks ago, brined, using the sweetspot rub i got from hawgeye's.........when i punctured with the tip of my knife, i had to dodge the juices coming out.........was perfect, and i am NOT a big yard bird fan
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There are definitely rotisserie smokers out there. If you will Google it you will get several hits. Lots of room usually and will require some type of electric supply.
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You could get the rotisserie for a Weber kettle or get a Chargriller and add a rotisserie.
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I think my ultimate mobile smoker would be a rotisserie. I would thing even if there was uneven temps, the rotisserie would run the meat through both your peaks and balleys. I also think it's a smart way for space use.
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I have just replaced my aged Smoky Mountain with a new 43 inch Dyna Glo gas smoker. I found a product called the Rib-o-lator that I intend to install in it. Self basting ribs...mmmmmmm
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Heres a pic of my old Smoky Mountain with the retro fit...
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