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BR newbie from KC

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Hi all, Just moved from KC to BR and could not pull household trailer and smoker with my vehicle. Wife said it was the smoker or her and her things. Almost missed her but could not afford divorce and new smoker at the same time so I am looking for new towable. ? Do towables in LA need to be registared with DMV? They didnt in MO but dont know about LA. Thanks. PS if anyone selling towable about 100lb capacity let me know and I might be enterested since i kept wife. PDT_Armataz_01_14.gif
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Welcome to SMF !!!
I am sure someone familiar with the DMV laws will be along soon with an answer.
Is a trip back to get your smoker out of the question? If I moved and left my smoker behind I would feel like I left part of the family behind.
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So are you the guy trying to sell the rig from Peculiar MO with the trailer? I have seen a listing on craigslist for several weeks with such a set up.
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From ShooterRick

I sold it and have understanding with wife I am trading up to 60 inch from 45 and that it is cheaper than the trip back. Dont tell wife anything different. haha
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Not from peculiar

NOt me. I sold mine in Cameron MO. North of KC
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Welcome to the site. Glad to have you here.
It looks like LA requires some trailers to be registered. You might call them and see.
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Welcome aboard. I would check craigslist for the LA area. I would think there should be one for sale there. They have everything else. Best of Luck anyways.

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Kc? Br? Dmv? Mo? La? Wtf? ;{)
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For Mad

KC=Kansas City Missouri,, home of some fine BBQ . Oh sorry Bar B Que.
LA= Louisiana As in BR=Baton Rouge
DMV=Department of Motor Vehichles as in Do I have to register smoker towable in the state of LA.icon_cool.gif
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don't forget lol rich!
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Sorry bro, anything in LA with wheels requires a registration. Just another way for us to make sure the elected are well provided for. Good luck with finding your trailer. I am located in Gonzales, if you need any help at all just let me know. I am well connected with the "cooking" community so I may be able to hook you up.

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For Liquiddirt

Thanks for the info. I would like to find a good used trailer smoker but am looking at Lang and Gator New. Any advise would be well recieved.
Thanks again.
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There you go Rich! I like this ShooterRick guy already!
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Thank ye kindly, Sir. Well met! TTFN... ;{)
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