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Welcome to the SMF.
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Thanks for the q-view Steve .....what part of Maine are you from ?? I am about an hour away from the Eastern side of the State , a little town called Calias ?
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anytime things show up green hold your pointer on it for an explanation...Qview is food pics.. and yes i still climb once in a while but we do have a bucket.. but my main job is finding and repairing underground services.
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Welcome to the SMF! Great lookin' rig ya got there!! look forward to more qview!! this place is loaded with lots of friendly folks... you will love it here!
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Hey Steve, I just joined yesterday myself. Im your neighbor over here in NH. Seems to be a pretty cool board...welcome
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Hi Neighbor

I think we can learn a lot from this place. The learning curve for me on navigating the site might take a little while. More snow tomorrow!!
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Thanks for the tip

The green text doesn't work when I put the pointer on it, but it could be because I have a MAC. Is it a link or just a definition thing?

The underground work must be a challenge, I can remember one Pad mount loop system we had here in Maine with bad concentric neutrals on both feeds. Every time they closed the cutout, the cable tv/phone grounds had fire spitten out of them. After going too big on the fuse, the phone interface caught fire---then we figured it out!!!!
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Yea, Im learning to navagate too.....Im gettin it tho......just keep pointing and clicking things, we'll the hang of it PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif. PM (private message) me anytime.

As for snow? Hey, we had it comming for the last 3 winters. Fire up that rig of yours, Nothing like good smoke in a snowstorm, Yee Haa!
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welcome to smf steve.
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we have a lot of the open concentrics here giving us a lot of bypasses
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