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Good info. to know. I don't has a gasser, but I am thinking of getting one in the near future. So this might come in handy.

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The needle valve works the best for sure, It usually dosen't correct though untill you shut everything down.
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Man! It is a good thing that I was not the first reply, I was gonna say to get a bigger hammer!icon_twisted.gif

I have had regulator problems simular to this before and just by chance (not understanding) I have turned everything off and started over to end up burning good like it should. The one thing that makes me mad is that I kind of have to creep up on the maximum heat output for my fryer/boil pot. That is to say that I actually have to watch the flame as I increase the gas because it can blow itself out if I just crank it up too high. I have to adjust manually the flame shape and size and stand off to get the maximum burn. I don't have this much trouble adjusting my old cutting torch! I guess I should be looking into getting a better regulator huh?
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I have had to replace my regulater because they do go bad. but they are pretty universal.redface.gif
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