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Smoker problem

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Last night I preped a picnic ham for smoking, I got up nice and early, fired up the smoker but cannot get the smoker to even reach 200F. It is a propane smoker and I have a full bottle of propane, I left it on high now for about an hour and a half and still only hovers around 175. Anybody have any ideas what might be causing this to happen? I looked at the burner and from what I can tell no part of it is blocked, propane is full, I tapped the regulator a few times with a hammer, tank is open all the way....I'm out of ideas HELP!!!!
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Where ya live? Cold out? Ash blocking the burner? Is the flame there? Most likely regulator, tho.
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Like Texas Hunter said .. no hammers!
Which smoker do you have?
Today's regulaters have a safety feature that will restrict the gas flow if opened too quickly ... the remedy is to fully close the valve and turn it back on s-l-o-w-l-y, then relight.
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I'm in Houston Texas, it's in the upper 50's, no wind, nice day. It has been about 4 months since I used the smoker last though. I know what your saying about tapping the regular, I did it once very softly, wont do it again. If I need to buy a new regulator are they fairly universal? there is a Bass Pro shop up the road that has an impressive section of smokers and smoker equip, I can check them out.
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Well...no flame then? Or low one?
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There's flame but just really low
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Really.. how annoying! I guess that's what I ran into getting the fire on the Beast up... a small check valve I guess, in the intake of the reg?
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Try what Squeezy said, if no go, get a new reg. Yeah, they should be pretty universal.
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Squeezy has it right...also turn the gas off at the smoker first then the tank, do not open the tank when the valve on the smoker is also open,could cause a problem. Good Luck!!
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What temps had it reached in the pass?
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You guys are geniouses!!!! I had no idea that opening the tank first with the smoker turned off made a difference. I went out and closed the tank, turned off the smoker, opened the tank, opened the smoker and it looks like the flame is twice the size!!!! I'll keep my eye on it but it looks like I'm off and running.......only problem now is I'm a couple hours behind schedule!!! Thank again everyone 8)
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What type of smoker do you have?

Did you check the venturi for spider webs and butterfly cocoons?
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SMF ... collectively takes a bow! PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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I'm not sure who makes this smoker, my wife bought it for me at Lowes last summer, all it says on it is BBQ Grillmaster........not really the one I wanted but it has worked fairly well so far.......thought today might be my excuse to get the one I really wanted.

Just checked the temp and after 10 minutes, I'm passing 250 already!!!! Thanks again!!!!
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ive just been educated and i dont have a propane smoker.
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No such thing as useless knowledge.
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Keep in mind if you want to smoke at lower temps on the propane rig....open the valve no the smoker than open the tank as fast as you can. Works well for jerky.
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I'm going to have to try that ... turning a problem into a remedy! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
I've had problems keeping temps down at times ...
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Can you really do that? Won't it correct itself later in the smoke, or will it continue to just let a little propane in? That just sounds to easy to lower you tempeture LOL. I can get mine to run fine at 175 but for jerky I'd like to go a little lower. If this really works that would be great. Or maybe I should just go get the needle vaule {?}
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Had the same problem with my GOSM, but turning it off, then back on for a re-light took care of it....Bob <><
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