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Trouble uploading a photo

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I am just 3 days a member on this site, it is the same layout (v-bulliten) as another sportsman website I am a member of. I can upload and post on that site. Was told this site should be the same as there.
Poroblem is I cannot upload a pic here. Get some long error. Tried them less than 200 kb so I do not think size is an issue.
So do I have to be a member a while before uploading? I can put up thumbnails up at 19.5 or less.
I have windows Vista on a Dell Inspiron desktop, onlione via AOL and have McAfee that I am about to unload. I even tried my independant IE browser, no go. I could try my laptop or even from work, but have not yet.
Any help or hints welcome.
Mark A.
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Try this instead.
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no, you don't have to be a member for a long time, to upload least not to my knowledge.............

did you try doing it, via the link i sent you?

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I clicked the link, but wasn't sure what to do. The trouble is I believe I should be able to do this here, it is so much like where I do it all the time.
Obviously the trouble is mine, but I am not sure what I need to do.
I saw something about creating a gallery or something from another members trouble thread I read. Not sure about that, maybe I misunderstood it.
Think I'll try it from another PC tomorrow.
Thanks for any and all help!
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Who are you using as you Photo host?

Try photobucket
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Uploading from my PC, I cannot do that here?
I have no online photo storage site.
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Photobucket or Imageshack will host "store" the photo for you, FREE !!!
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Then join the site I posted. Once you do, you can follow the procedure to upload photos. Get joined and we will go from there.

Glued2it has a tutorial in the link above, although it is better to use link 4 the image link when you copy your photo link to SMF.
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That's right! There are some more out there too. Plus you won't run into the error messages that you get with uploading files.

Vbulletin can be administered to different specifications.Even though they may look the same, It isn't always the case. The upload limit's will differ from site to site.I'm a member to several sites. Several of them use Vbulletin and there is small differences. However posting pics using a image hosting servises are pretty much universal.
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