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My first question about butt smoking

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I am gonna smoke my first Boston Butts soon and I have a couple questions.

1- I heard about wetting it with worcshterchire(?spelling) sauce. Isn't this a little too strong or won't it matter after it has finished hours later?

2- I also heard about using oil the same way as above. Does this make any difference and what one is most recommended?

I must admit the mustard thing sounds good but I had planned on using worcshtershire sauce untill I poked around this site.
Plan to let it set up 24 hours after applying the rub and stuff. I usually use hickory on everything I cook except fish if that matters. And strictly a charcoal user.
Appreciate any responses!
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I use the mustard. Gives a good solid base to hold plenty of rub. it's a big hunk of meat in proportion to the seasonings, so don't be scared!
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I use a mustard slather and shake some rub. Then wrap in saran wrap the day before.

I usually use Worcestershire on just beef. (personal preference)
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I just rub mine, and put in the fridge over night. I used the mustard once, but could'nt tell the difference in taste.
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The mustard flavor cooks itself out to leave a nice crust of flavor.
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Use mustard or just apply the rub to the meat. I have done both.
Never used worchestire sauce on pork though.
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I have done both- mustard and no mustard... couldnt tell any difference... I do spritz a little with apple juice and worchester mixed in a small spray bottle... after 140* - up until i wrap (usually around 165*) if its bein pulled....
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I'll agree about the flavor of the mustard, but there is no equal that I have found for holding a nice crust of rub on the meat...that's the main attraction.
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Folks, the mustard is not there for flavor. It disappears while smoking.
The mustard is there to hold a good layer of rub.
You can mix Worcestershire sauce and rub to make a paste and put it on that way.
What ever you use, put it on the day before and wrap the butt tight in clear plastic wrap, put it in the fridge overnight. Remove an hour or so before putting it on the smoker and let it sit out to come to room temperature.
I like mine smoked with hickory.
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Wow, thanks folks. Mustard it'll be with a rub I wrote down somewhere of cayanne-w & b pepper-oregano-cumin-chili powder-b sugar-and a couple other things.
I do know about the room temp thing and thought about the tight wrap beforehand.
I have oiled ribs and they were good. But won't try that yet based on what I have read here.
Big thanks!
Mark A.
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