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First Smoke In The New Box

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My wife surprised me with a new GOSM for Christmas so we broke it in at our New Years party. Our local butcher had some nice boston butts with the bone in so I grabbed four. I had some picky eaters so I grabbed four whole fryers to smoke up too. I normally brine my port butts, but since I had four and had a house full of guests the whole weekend I skipped it (being lazy). We rubbed the meat down, wrapped, and let them sit overnight. I fired the GOSM up at 5:00am and in they went. I had 2 finish up at about the same time and 2 stay in just a little bit longer but everything was out of the smoker by 4:30pm. I used a finishing sauce and homemade bbq sauce on 2 of the butts, and kept the other two plain. I can't tell you how easy the GOSM makes smoking this much food a breeze. Everything turned out delicious and we had a ton of food for everyone to take home and enjoy while watching football on New Years Day. Here are a couple of pictures, ENJOY!!!

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Mmmm, they look great NW Florida!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nicely done...
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Looks great...what kinda wood did u burn???
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I had some nice chunks of hickory from a tree that got struck by lightning by my pond. Someone gave me a couple of bags of apple wood chips also so I used them up as well.
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Nice looking Q-view there NW. Making me hungry
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Good Job

Good job looks great and keep the smokin flowin!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Is that a Wide body GOSM? gotta be. Sure looks good. I still use my GOSM charcoal version, probably around 16 x 16 at best.
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It is the wide body. I had actually showed my wife the smaller one, but she got the bigger one. I am not complaining!!!!!!!!
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Congrats on the new smoker, and thanks for the Q View too! Nice to see someone new post Q Views early on upon joining, I can tell you're having fun. It's all good my friend.
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THat is some sweet looking Q. Keep cookin'
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Nice job, Great lookin smoke.
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