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Need a little help

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I'm doing a brisket today, and I think I used a tad too much black pepper in the rub. I'm about 164* into the process, and I'm spritzing with apple juice/bourbon mixture. The bark looks good and the whole cook is going well, but I'm concerned about the pepper. I'm planning on pulling/chopping it and into a container for the fridge (It's being made for my boss) What can I do to cut it going forward? I thought maybe a mop with some sort of sugar towards the end. Maybe just remove some of the bark from the finished product? HELP??
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hmmmmmm.......that put me in a hard such word as too much cbp in my vocabulary........

you mite, after pulling off.......before slicing and dicing and pulling......cut a slice off and check it out.......then if it can scrap off bout half.....and mix the rest of the bark into the meat

i don't get much of a barq, after i foil, and it sits for 4 hours in the cooler....till supper time comes around
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Yeah, that's kinda what I was thinking. Once I pull it, I'll have a better idea. I might just be real light with the bark I include in the mix.
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Crap... 8 LBS OF BEEF? and yer worried about a bit of pepper? sheesh... go, man.. and don't look back.
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No, I'm worried about my boss, who is a Denverite who's idea of hot is ketchup. Oh and did I mention he's my boss?
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He'll love it. And like was mentioned slice off the top and bottom, reserve, and put the rest in the pile. Send me the reserve.

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Wipe it off and be done with it. He can use the ketchup to cover it up if he wants.
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OMG! Say he won't....pleeze....
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You know Rich, some people just just like the taste of good meat and prefer to cover it up with al kinds of stuff.
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