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Need some help

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Hello all. This is my first time posting. I need some help with a pork tenderloin. I'd like to know how long you smoke them and maybe a simple rub. Nothing too spicy. Just something to give good sweet flavor. Thanks for any help you might be able to give
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Welcome to the SMF. We usually smoke by internal temp. as opposed to time, there is reference to this on our main page towards the bottom. Rubs a re a real personal thing, try a commercial one first, hey are usually moe mild. Be sure and go to roll call and introduce yourself and your smokin' machines.
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I was just trying to get an idea on the temp to cook at and about how long it would take so I knew what timne we would eat.
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you smoker temps should run 225-250...........there is a time temp chart to the left of the page, under how to links and advice......left side, top of page

also depends on how big the tenderloin is......pound wise.........a rule of thumb is 1.5-1.6hours per pound..........BUTT, that is JUST a ball park idea...........time will depend on outside temps, and if you have a strong wind.........WIND steals heat

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Thank you very much.
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Remember what they said Steve about the temperature and not the time.
Those are just estimates and alot of factors play into times.
Goodluck with the loin.
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Good luck with your smoke.
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Time is going to depend on how big the loins are. I have found that Tyson loins from Wally World that are 2 to a pack and about a foot long and 2 1/2 to 3 inches in diameter. The ones I have done usually run about 2 1/2 hours at 225-250. A good store bought rub will be good, if your after a sweeter taste use Sweet Baby Rays original BBQ sauce. It has the sweetness your looking for.
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Also, Steve, you don't happen to be that singer guy what lives out in the San Fran area. Had a pretty good band back in the 80's??
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ya thats him,he took the journey to smokin with smf cool.
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Tenderlions, I still like the grill better than the smoker, although I do both.
I like 145 to 150º internal, then let them rest in foil for 30 minutes. Tough to give a cooking time as others have stated, not knowing you variables.
Loins will take longer to do, due to their size. And those you should do on the smoker.
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I like to wrap the loin in bacon after I put on a rub. This will keep that loin nice a moist.
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sorry to say that i'm not that steve perry. I wish i was and no affence but i wouldn't be talking to you guys i would be ordering my food at some fancy restaurant. Just want to say thanks to all you guys for the help. the pork loin turned out great.
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