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Just signed up

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I was first directed here by teacup13 from another site. I have lurked about an hour or two overall and decided to join. Looks like a great place for smoking tips and recipes. Hope I can offer something also.
I grill a lot. I have smoked a lot of fish too but am expanding on it lately with turkey and pork. I will be doing my first shoulder roast here soon. Thats where I got interested in this site.
I have a webber kettle grill, a brinkman upright smoker, and a grill that looks like a cannon that is about as old as me. Used to be Grandpa's! It has a rotisserie on it and is great for smaller chickens and about 3 pounds roasts.
Of course, charcoal is the fuel for gettin the smoke going on all of these guys wink.gif . I only use charcoal for grillin and smokin.
My specialty is maple brined, applewood smoked trout.
Looking forward surfing this site!
Mark A.
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Well we are glad you joined us here at smf. Lots of good info here and hopefully you will share some of your experience with us yungings. lol

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Hey Mark, good to see another M/S transplant here! And another brother from SW mishigan!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif You will find this site extremely friendly and helpfull. These folks here know how to make people feel welcome, and know alot about the "Q"! enjoy your time here. If you are like me, you will get addicted and fish a little less in favor of smoking large portions of tasty foods! By the way. I use a different user name here, but if you remember the pics that were posted on the "other" site the other night, you'll know ..........icon_wink.gif

Have fun.
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Welcome to SMF. You will have to show us some Q-view of your specialty sometime. You will like it here alot.
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Hey, I think I know who you are. Next time I go to my folks in the Zoo I'll look for the plume of smoke! Your pics were an inspiration I gotta tell you. And I hope to do as well soon. I've been threatening too and I am gonna go for it now!
Thanks for the welcome so far and in advance, everyone.
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Welcome to the forum. I look forward to hearing of your smoking adventures.
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Welcome to the SMF from Florida
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Welcome to SMF. This is THE place to be.
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Welcome to the forum Mark!
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Welcome to the SMF.
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Welcome to the site Mark. I look forward to some q-view from ya.
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Hello mark, glad you have you as a new member of the SMF. Looks like you're gonna fit right in with these friendly folks. Keep reading around, you'll find a mountain of useful information. Looking forward to your next smoke story.
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Welcome from Lake Orion MI, Mark. Man we're gonna have to have a MI meeting this summer! Enjoy yer time here!
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The michigan meeting sounds like a good idea!
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Welcome aboard.
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Oldgrandman welcome to smf and hope you enjoy!!!!!!!!!
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