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GOSM mods

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I'm going to add the lower vents on the sides of the smoker. But I was looking and thinking. Has anyone tried cutting the door just about the water pan, adding extra hinges and another latch?? Was thinking by doing this you could add water and change chips without losing heat.
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My GOSM comes back up to temp quick enough that I have never worried about losing heat. I pack chips in foil packs and just pull and replace with a new pack when I'm doing a long smoke. Water, I just add when needed, when I spritz.

I'm always leary of creating more holes in my smoker, especially vents or doors, unless they can be sealed off when closed.

But if you feel you need the access....give it a go.
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I saw where you like to tinker with things like I. That does not sound like a bad idea but, I believe that may be a little tough to reach thru unless you make it very large and in that case I would just stay with the door. I do not loose much heat at all when adding to mine either. Just my opinion but what ya got to loose?
Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Don't do it.
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What kew_el_steve said.
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What richoso1 said!!!!
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I wouldn't do it, if you get everything organized and ready to go in when you open the door it's not open long and comes back to temps quickly.
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Removable Chip Tray

How about a slide in/out chip tray from the side? That's what I'm talkin' about! Haven't done it yet though.
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The only thing I would like to see with my GOSM is a removable grease tray that would lay on the bottom of the smoker fitted around the burner opening. I find that when I have meat not directly over the water pan, juice and such, drip down and out the door openings and down on the ground. I think the wide body has one but not the other models.
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