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Question before my 1st try at this

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For my first attempt, I got a shoulder picnic roast. I want to give it a try tomorrow since weather is supposed to be better this weekend. There will be a lot of room left in the smoker, so I also got a 1 lb tube of Jimmy Dean sausage (is this what you call a "fattie" right)?

My question is, I only have 1 digital thermometer so I should put that into the one that will cook fastest, then switch it over to the other piece of meat. Should I start out with the thermometer in the "fattie" since it is smaller?

I also have some peppers and a large onion I was going to smoke at the same time.

Another question is about brisket. I love it but have only had it when I get down to Austin Texas. I looked for it in the store and the only thing I could find is corned beef brisket. Is that what you use, or is it a fresh brisket?

Thanks for any suggestions and thanks for the warm welcome to the forum.

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Yes the fatty will cook faster than the shoulder so start it there.
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Insert into the Fatty. The shoulder will take probably 6-10 hours depending on size, and weather you plan to slice or pull it. The fatty will be done around 170° Then insert it into the shoulder and take a nap...heh.
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Yes the BRISKET should be a fresh brisket , unless you want to make pastrami with it ,,,,then you would want the pickled/corned one .
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The brisket that you refer to should be a packers brisket with the point and flat still attached and it is not the same as a corned beef brisket. If your local supermarker does not have one, check your local butcher. Also, flatten out the sausage and put in cheese, tomatoes...whatever and then re-roll into a chub and then you have a nice fatty!
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Like the others said, fatty first.

As for the brisket you should maybe look around a bit. I have never seen a store that didn't have any ever. (lucky maybe?) I will get a packer or a flat depending on what I do with it. You can't miss a packer it will be the largest hunk of meat there.
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Yepper into the fatty it'll go, as for the brisket, corned beef brisket is already cooked.Yes you want to look for what is called a "Packer Brisket"
It has both the point and the flat.The usualy are BIG!! I'm in Phila. and finding a Packer Brisket is hard to find.If you can only find the flat that's cool also.But in my opinion stay away from the "Trimed Flat" that you get at the supermarket. They cut off all the fat, and you need the fat. If you have a Sam's Club, or BJ's they usually have them. I hope this will help you, and good luck with your picnic, I ilike doing them. Remember about the plateau, it may just stay at the temp. for hours but don't raise the heat, let it go it'll be ok.
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shoulder picnic that the same as a boston butt?
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here's some good brisket info. It has a pick of Cryovac packer and a good cooking method. Much like the smokie okie method.

Click here

It has come to my attention that certain areas have trouble finding briskets.confused.gif

Living in oklahoma, I usually sort through about 6-8 to find a good one. If I don't like them I'll drive down the road a couple mi. and sort through 6-8 more.
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Yeah, I believe that is correct dude. Difference being the bone is already removed.
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ahhhhhhhh........turn that bad boy into buckboard bacon
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Dude... I really don't think they're the same.The picnic has another chunk of meat on it. The butt only has 1 bone, the picnic has 2 bones. It has the same flat bone plus a big ole round one also.I think the butt is a better cut of meat too. I know it cost more and to me it seems to be more moist.
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