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My first Q-View

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I wanted to give q-view a try. I smoked this yesterday (New Year's Eve), the extra meat with the butt came from the upper portion of the ribs. They were KC style originally. I chopped the butt and pieces up for sandwiches (with a little coleslaw between the buns). The weather turned cold and windy late yeaterday morning making my smoker temp fall below 190 and I couldn't get it back up. I tried the 3-2-1 but wound up 3@ 225 deg. 2@ 190-200 and 1@ 190. Ribs got done and tasted great, but a little tougher than I like. The butt was awesome!
The new year rang in with good friend, cold beer, and great Q. I wish only for the rest of the year to follw suit. Have a GREAT New Year everyone. -Mike
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Looks great!
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Great looking bark on the butt!! Excellent job.

On another note you might try to make the pics a little smaller.
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Looks good.
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looks great.........
next on the to show you how to size them pics down........

folks on dialup will be hard pressed to dl them..........but MAN.........that butt looks good..........good job on that
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good Lookin' que!!
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Would LOVE to know how to scale down the pics a bit. How do you do it?
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Thats some nice looking meat...

Nice smoke..
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i owe this help to pigcicles and meowy
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Nice work there! hey that extra rib meat & trimmings... here's what I have done with 'em, if ya don't just do 'em up for cook's sampling pleasures, anyway...
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Great looking Qview Stacks!!
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Lookin real good!!!
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Looks great man. Good job.
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Looks good

Stacks with the size of them pics I about ate the screen. HA HA!!!!! Looks good!!!!!!!!!!
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