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First timer

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I received a Smoke Hollow elec. smoker for Xmas. Never have smoked before. PDT_Armataz_01_36.gifMeats that is.PDT_Armataz_01_25.gif After curing the smoker I put some chips in to see how long it would take to start smoking. Up and running at 250 degrees for 1 1/2 hours I have no smoke yet. Pans are placed in proper settings. Upped it to 300 and still nothing. Do electrics smoke much? Should I try sawdust instead? I also heat with hardwood. Maybe put a few embers in to get started?
I would like to try a pork loin for starters.
Any help would be appreciated
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Welcome to the smf. And Happy New Years. As for your smoke problem, I am not formiliar with your smoker. But I do use an electric little cheif smoker. Mine smokes alot and I use chips. First thing, did you soak your chips or use dry? I don't soak my chips, I use them dry and I always get smoke even at lower temps. Those temps are they from a factory mounted thermomiter or from a after market one? Your thermometer might be out of calorbration. Forgive the spelling. How much chips were you putting in the pan? You might have to much chips in the pan, try using less chips. I am assuming your using chips and not chunks. With the facts you stated this all I can think of that might help. If it was windy out you might need to put up a wind break, that might help. Hope this helps.

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Welcome to SMF Rusty! When you get a chance make a post in RollCall thread. Kind of a tradition thing. Tell a little about yourself and so on..
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Thanks for the welcome.
As for the chips,Western brand, they were dry and only half a pan. I even tried breaking the the chips into smaller pieces. still nothing . I had my oven thermometer inside and it showed the same temp as the door mounted one. I checked the grate that the pans sit on and it sits 5/8 to 3/4 of an inch above the element. After doing more research I think I may have to get it closer to the heat or use a thinner chip pan or both Outside temps was 18 degrees no wind. The smoker is double wall & insulated.
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In my smoker the chip pan sits right on the element. Pan thickness shouldn't effect things to much, it might just take a little long to heat the pan up. You could try putting the chips in foil and leave an opening on top for the smoke to get out. I use the same brand of chips and I have no problems. So maybe the spacing of pan is your problem, not sure because I am not experienced with your smoker. I have seen them but never used one before. Hope this helps.

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