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Newb poppin cherry tomorrow!...question

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Good evening. I am firing up my smoker for the first time. This site and the forums have been a huge help in getting started . The brisket and ribs have been rubbed and are in the fridge awaiting their fate. I have a question about mopping. My wife is allergic to apples - what is the best alternative to apple juice?
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Well first off welcome. Newbs buys so make mine a B & B.
Head over to Roll Call section and introduce yourself.
Also, did you season you smoker first, before its first use and I have heard some people actually spray meats with coke.
For fish I use canola oil and lemon juice 50/50 mix
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Thx for the quick reply. I did not season it!!! How do I do it and how much time is involved? I have a Smoke Hollow Gasser. All help is greatly appreciated.
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Dunno for sure. I don't use Apple juice on brisket. For ribs I guess try a different fruit juice. Pineapple might be good.
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Is she allergic to beer? I really dont mop too much, I pour a little of what ever I'm drinking in the bottom of the foil when I wrap em up. Works like champ!

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As far as seasoning goes just spray down the entire inside with Pam or wipe it down w/ veg' oil and fire it up for a few hours. You just want to burn the 'new' off of it.
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On top of GoFish's new smoker seasoning recommendation; adding some wood chips to burn will help get rid of that new smell also.
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Pineapple juice is good on ribs while they are in the foil. I rarely use mop on brisket. But when I do, I like burbon and water at about a 50/50 mix.
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Allergic to Apples???..... I second the Beer theory.
Here is a beer mop a friend in Houston gave me:
You can adjust amounts to suit how much mop you need
Dan's Brisket Mop;
3 beers ( Shiner Bock to give it a real Texas thing)
1 cup good strong black coffee
4 Cloves of Garlic Minced
2 Shallots, diced fine.
Kosher Salt
2 or 3 Tbs of butter
2 or 3 Tbs EVOO

Start with a sauce pan over medium heat and then add the EVOO.
Add butter and garlic and shallots.
Sweat the garlic and shallots till translucent.
Add the coffee and simmer for a few minutes.
Then add 2 beers carefully to avoid it foaming all over the place.
Add salt and pepper to taste
Turn down the heat to warm and mop your brisket as you go.

Open the third beer and toast your Wife and Family and then drink the beer!

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awesome guys. thx so much. B-dubbs - i thought of diluting some JD ans spraying it on....good to know that is ok. yeah - i know..allergic to apples? sux - believe me. also allergic to shellfish and she doesn't like my favorite meat - lamb!!!! But she just gave birth 9 days ago to my fourth child so i can deal with the food issues. Thanks again so much for your help guys...smoker has been seasoned and is ready to ROLL!!!!! Go Giants!
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Welcome to the site. I will agree beer works good. But then again I think beer goes good with anything. lol. I just did some pheasant breasts and beer short ribs today and I used beer in the marinade for them both. Yum yum. Well best of luck.

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