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Starting Over

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Well my friends, we finally finished the final move to our new digs. This is not to say we are finished unpacking, I haven't been able to touch my Q stuff yet. I have such a huge "Honey Do" list, but I'll be smokin' ASAP! hAPPY NEW yEAR TO ALL MY GREAT FRIENDS ON THE SMF!
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Nice to see you back and glad to hear the move was a success. We are all looking forward to seeing the results of the first smoke in your new place. Happy New Year to you!
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I feel for ya buddy, moving sucks!!!! Hopefully smoking something is high on the "honey-do" list. As Ron said and as yoou will probably hear a lot more times "NICE TO HAVE YOU BACK" Now hurry up and show us some of your famous "Q-VIEWS"
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Glad to have you back!
Happy New Year!!!
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Hey Rich,
Welcome back. I've been missing your posts. Get that smoker unpacked and fired up. Good luck with that Honey do list. I don't seem to get mine caught up.
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Nice to see the red pepper avatar again.
Happy new year.
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I have inside information that there will be a new smoker involved...ooops
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Rich, it's truly a treat to see you online again. We've sure missed ya here! Don't wear yourself out moving. We'll be here awaiting to hear how you're doing when you get back.
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Nice to have you back. I always enjoy your posts.
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Nice to see you post again; I think Mama should let you out for a day to play with your smoker, it has been awhile and you deserve it !!!
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Nice to see you back,
As soon as you get the smokers going again.................. we want Q-view! PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
Happy New Year
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Good to have you back richoso!
Hope you have a great new
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