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Pulled pork times

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If I want to smoke a pork butt today and not eat it until tomorrow, how should I plan the timing? I read where several leave the butts in a cooler for 1 or 2 hours before pulling. I read in another thread where somebody fell asleep and ended up not pulling it for about 7 hours.

Any suggestions on what's best for cooking today and eating it tomorrow?
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I have went as long as 4 to 6 hours of the pork being double wrapped in foil and wrapped in towels in a cooler; and it is just as hot (hypotheticly), fresh and juicy as 2 hours in the cooler. Pulled pork is patient, it will wait for you !!!
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I promised to do pulled pork for a Monday funeral 'reception'. I knew there was no way I could time it to have fresh off the smoker stuff, so i smoked 3 butts on Sunday, let them rest and pulled them as usuall. Placed the meat in aluminum pans and then the fridge overnight. At the function my wife warmed the pork in the oven untill people started swarming her cause of the smell. She said it was gone quick, and folks were very pleased.

I did coat the pulled meat w/ a finishing sauce while I was pulling the pork. She said this helped when tossing the pork while rewarming it in the pans.
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I would smoke it as usual, put it in the cooler for 2 hours and then pull it. Put it in foilf trays as mentioned or after they cool, large zip loc bags.

Save th juices that are in the foil and put them in a container and let them cool in the fridge, then the next day take the layer of fat off.

Heat it in the oven and add the congealed juices from the night before.

When it's warm add some of SOFlaQuer finishing sauce.

Should be even better then the night before.
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John it'll probably take most of the day to smoke it. Mine usualy take about 12 hours (9lbs). it was me that feel a sleep. It still pulled ok but was not really hot enough to eat. But as other's told you pulled pork is very forgiven. I myself think it tastes better the next day. Reheating it in my opinion tatses better. Maybe because the finishing sauce has time to mix into the meat. And again in my opinion USE SOFlaQuer finishing sauce. It makes a world of differance. I really don't think you can go wrong with pulled pork. I have bags of it in my freezer and when ever I thaw one out it tatse as good as the day I made it. Now go pull your pork and have fun.

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I just want to make sure I understand this.

Once it's been in the cooler for two hours, then pull it in a foil tray. Then put the pork in zip lock bags and place in the fridge. Save the juices from the foil tray, put in a container and place in fridge. The next day, take out the pulled pork and the juices from the fridge. Add the juices to the top of the pork and heat in oven.

Is that right? Not sure I understand the part about taking off the layer of fat though.
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Sounds like you got it to meicon_mrgreen.gif
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When you put the juices in the fridge the fat will seperate from the other juices. It is that layer that you want to remove and then use the remaining liquid on pulled meat.
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After the juices cool in the fridge the fat will turn into solid or a real thick mass, that's what you want to scrape or spoon off. Some people don't worry about the fat though and just mix it all in the pulled pork. I just started scraping off the fat myself. Getting old you know LOL.
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OOPpppssss I guess your a faster typer than me Pigcicles
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Thanks for the answers guys. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I have two 5 lb pork butts smoking. I want to pull one and slice the other.

Once the internal temp gets to 165, I was going to wrap both in aluminum foil.

I'll take the one to slice off at 190 internal and the one to pull at 205.

Does this sound right?
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If your going to slice 165-175º is the ideal temp.
For pulling 195-205º.
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Thanks! I wasn't sure.
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So Johnnie how did it turn out?
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I know it is a little late to reply butt...

I was planning a New Years Eve party & wanted pulled pork. I the propane business to crazy for time off in the winter here so I planned to cook them on the Saturday before.
I put 6 - 5# butts on the Chargriller At around 9 am. I froze my butt off while the pork butts smoked away. finally hit 165* around 8 hours later so into the foil wrap they went. around 180* (2hours later) the charcoal was starting to burn out & they were in foil so into the oven @ 250*, 2 more hours & beep beep beep they hit 195*. Midnight into the cooler.
After church Sunday 1:00 mixed up some finishing sauce & started to pull. They were still very warm almost hot 13 hours after putting in the cooler. I pulled them into a roaster & out into the snow bank the went. Pulled & a good dose of finishing sauce. Then I made 3 different Q-sauces.
New Years Eve the wife took the pork (in the roaster) in out of the snow & turned on the roaster @ 200* around 2:00 & put the Q-sauces into small crock pots to warm. By 6:00 when the guests started to arrive one more stir & another good dose of finishing sauce the pork was moist & delicious. 15 adults, 5 teens, & 3 kids downed well over 1/2 of the 30#. Even after the party @ around 3:00 AM this morning (13 hours in the roaster) it was only slightly starting to dry out. A little more finishing sauce & into the seal-a-meal bags & saved for later.

I wish I had Q-view of the whole project butt, my daughter went to Canada skiing with a friend & must have taken the camera.
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