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Problem with first smoke

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I just checked the remote thermometer that's in the smoker and chickens. My smoker temp shows 260 and my internal temp is 167. They've only been on for about 1 1/2 hours. The chickens can't be done. I tested my thermometers earlier and they were accurate. Any idea what's wrong or what to do now?
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Check your probe location. It may be too close to a bone or in the body cavity. Re-seat your probe should take care of it.
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You didn't hit a bone with the thermometer did you? The bone will read high, how big was the chicken (weight) if it is a little guy that may be right? I did a 5lb chicken once at 220 and it was done in a little over 3 hours.
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I'll check the probe again. My smoker temp is only 265. I'm not sure what size chickens these are, but I don't think they can be done already.
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also......poultry doesn't need low and slow..........makes the skin rubbery......upper 300's.........still will get smoke........but your skin and overall look of the bird improves........least it has here once i started cooking at higher temps..............
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The package for these chickens says 2 1/2 pounds. These are little things. My internal temp is staying at 167 and they've been cooking for about 2 hours. Should I leave them in as long as the internal temp stays around 170? My smoker temp has only been around 250-260. I didn't preheat it to 275 (MES max temp). Smoke and learn, I guess. How can I tell when to pull these off?
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did you reposistion the probe?

and/ you have another therm. even a analog?
you can never have enuff therms around wether they be digi or analog(dial type)
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Put the therm in another chicken. It's been on 167 for about 10 minutes. I don't have another thermometer, but looks like I'll be getting one.
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well.....whats the old the leg loose in the joint...........if you poke the juices run clear?
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Also, when I open the smoker door, the temp drops about 10-15 degrees on the therm. The door's only been opened to check the proble. Have to open it again to foil the ribs in about 40 minutes.
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Will have to go check. Could these small chickens be done in only 2 1/2 hours?
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Yes they can be. If the internal temp is over 165 and you've repositioned I'd take one out and check.
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Just did the leg test and it's not loose at all. Should I still take one out and check it?
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These are small chickens. if you want to leave it till 170-175 and then check, otherwise they might be done. The other thing is I've been following this post for almost an hour, the internal temp should have changed in that time. Are they still at 167?
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We just pulled them off and they seem to be done. The internal temp did stay right around 167 for a good while. We closed the 'vent' and both smoker temp and internal temp increased a good bit. It was about 172 or so when we pulled them off. They cooked for about 3 1/2 hours.
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